What inspired Marco Mazzoni?


What inspired Marco Mazzoni?

Italian, b. 1982 Working exclusively with colored pencils, Marco Mazzoni makes highly intricate drawings of flora and fauna that pertain to the ancient art of healing. Inspired by the matriarchal culture of Sardinia, Mazzoni depicts female herbalists and midwives …

What is Cath Riley famous for?

Artist, Cath (Catherine) Riley, was born 1952 in Keighley. She gained a first class honours degree in embroidery and a MA in fine art from Manchester Polytechnic and quickly gained attention for her three-dimensional art work.

Who is Pez art?

French. Pierre Yves Riveau, known as Pez, creates surrealistic, finely detailed drawings of American cartoon characters in extreme states of neglect and decomposition.