What happens when hydrogen and oxygen explode?


What happens when hydrogen and oxygen explode?

After one set of hydrogen and oxygen molecules have reacted, the energy released triggers molecules in the surrounding mixture to react, releasing more energy. The result is an explosive, rapid reaction that releases energy quickly in the form of heat, light and sound.

Which reaction of hydrogen and oxygen is explosive?

Hydrogen gas is very flammable and yields explosive mixtures with air and oxygen. The explosion of the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is quite loud. Tests should be made prior to the demonstration to adjust the total volume in the balloons so that the sound of the explosion is tolerable in the room.

What is explosion limit in chemical kinetics?

In combustion: The chemical reactions. …or three pressures, called the explosion limits, may correspond to one temperature. The mechanism of the reaction determines the explosion limits: the reaction can proceed only when the steps in the sequence of reactions occur faster than the terminal steps.

Is oxygen or hydrogen more explosive?

Hydrogen has a higher oxygen requirement for explosion than fossil fuels. Hydrogen can be explosive with oxygen concentrations between 18 and 59 percent while gasoline can be explosive at oxygen concentrations between 1 and 3 percent.

What is the chemical reaction for hydrogen and oxygen for combustion?

H2 + 1 2 O2 −→ H2O + 286, 000 joules. This combustion reaction also releases 286,000 joules of energy per mole of hydrogen gas burned.

Is the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen spontaneous?

The spontaneous combustion of hydrogen–oxygen mixture observed in nanobubbles at room temperature is a puzzling phenomenon that has no explanation in the standard combustion theory. We suggest that the hydrogen atoms needed to ignite the reaction could be generated on charged sites at the gas–liquid interface.

How does oxygen bond with hydrogen?

Covalent bonds occur when two atoms—in this case oxygen and hydrogen—share electrons with each other. Because oxygen and hydrogen attract the shared electrons unequally, each end of the V-shaped H2O molecule adopts a slightly different charge.

How does hydrogen explode?

Hydrogen gas is very flammable. This is why the balloon filled with hydrogen ignites. The heat given off by the candle provides the activation energy required for the reaction that produces water from hydrogen and oxygen. This reaction is highly exothermic, producing the prodigious explosion.

Is hydrogen flammable or explosive?

Hydrogen used in the fuel cells is a very flammable gas and can cause fires and explosions if it is not handled properly. Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas.

What is a hydrogen explosion?

What is a hydrogen explosion? A “hydrogen explosion”occurs when air includes more than 5% in density of oxygen, and more than 4% in density of hydrogen,they then ignite with a resulting explosion. If the temperature is more than 500℃, it will ignite spontaneously and explode.