What happened at the end of season 1 Homeland?


What happened at the end of season 1 Homeland?

“Marine One” is the season finale of the first season of the TV series Homeland. It originally aired on Showtime on December 18, 2011. The extended 85-minute episode sees the culmination of Abu Nazir’s terrorist plot at the Vice President’s summit, while Carrie Mathison’s downward spiral continues.

Who was the mole in Homeland season 1?

Saul’s mole was introduced in the penultimate episode, “The English Teacher.” Anna Pomerantseva (Tatyana Mukha) was the lead interpreter for Russia’s GRU intelligence agency and first met Saul in the mid-1980s when she was teaching English in East Berlin.

What happened at the end of Homeland?

In the final scenes, a time jump reveals Carrie has fled to Russia where she’s now living with Yevgeny Gromov (Costa Ronin), and penned a book slamming the CIA a la Edward Snowden. But in one last twist, we learn Carrie has begun sending intelligence to Saul, effectively replacing the asset she destroyed.

Who shot down the helicopter in Homeland?

For her part, Carrie is highly skeptical that Jalal shot down the President’s helicopter — she confesses to Yevgeny that she believes it could have been an engine malfunction.

What happened to Tom Walker in Homeland?

According to Brody, Walker was killed during their captivity, but it was later revealed that Brody was tricked. Walker, the Marine Two, returned to the United States with a mission from Nazir. After carrying out the mission, Walker was killed by Brody, the Marine One.

Did Brody know Walker was alive?

Carrie visits Brody and reveals that Walker is alive and working for al-Qaeda; that night, Brody attacks al-Zahrani at his home and tells him that he is done talking to Abu Nazir, revealing that he has remained in contact with Nazir despite proclaiming his innocence.

Is Tom Walker still alive?

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Does Brody use the suicide vest?

He even admitted that he’d intended to kill Walden when he arrived back from Iraq. But when Quinn asked him about the suicide vest, Brody balked. “I wasn’t wearing a vest,” he said, his voice weak and weary. “I made a tape.

What happened to Lynne Reed in Homeland?

Death. Lynne dies. The driver walks Reed to the door of the town car, and shoots her twice through the chest point blank before she enters. He then takes her diamond necklace and speeds away.

Who is the CIA traitor in Homeland?

Nicholas Brody (often simply called “Brody”), played by actor Damian Lewis, is a fictional character on the American television series Homeland on Showtime, created by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon.