What ethnicity is Ryan Guzman?


What ethnicity is Ryan Guzman?

Guzman was born in Abilene on September 21, 1987, to Ramón Guzmán Jr., an immigrant from Mexico and Lisa Anne (née Hudson), a Californian with English, German, French, Dutch and Swedish ancestry, and has a younger brother, Steven.

What else does Ryan Guzman play in?


  • Known For. The Boy Next Door Noah Sandborn (2015)
  • Everybody Wants Some!! Roper (2016)
  • Step Up Revolution Sean (2012)
  • Actor. 9-1-1 Eddie Diaz (2018-2022)
  • 9-1-1: Lone Star Eddie Diaz (2021)
  • The Cleansing Hour Max (2019)
  • Windows on the World Fernando (2019)
  • Backtrace Lucas (2018)

Does Ryan Guzman speak Spanish?

To push forward in his own life, Guzman has a long list of personal goals he’d like to achieve, which includes taking on even more languages after finally becoming “the closest to fluent” he’s ever been in Spanish.

How tall is Ryan Guzman?

6′ 0″Ryan Guzman / Height

Why did Chimney leave 9-1-1?

In the first 10 episodes, Maddie’s (Jennifer Love Hewitt) postpartum depression led to her leaving her boyfriend, Chimney (Kenneth Choi), and their daughter, Jee-Yun, thinking she wasn’t safe with her (due to a trip to the hospital). He eventually went after her.

Why did Maddie leave 9-1-1?

It seems like the 9-1-1 writers timed Jennifer’s maternity leave perfectly with her character’s storyline because shortly after, in October, Maddie said a heartbreaking goodbye to Chimney (Kenneth Choi) and their daughter, Jee-Yun.

Is Ryan Guzman an actual dancer?

Ryan Guzman is an actor who dances, not a dancer who acts. And so the toughest part of making his second Step Up movie was getting you to believe he has been dancing since he took his first steps.

Did Ryan Guzman know how do you dance before step up?

You’d never guess, but prior to filming Guzman had no professional dance training; in fact, he didn’t even know how to dance. The 24-year-old actor landed the lead role thanks to his Mixed Martial Arts skills and charisma and he candidly admits the audition process was terrifying.