What engine does a 2012 Holden Colorado have?


What engine does a 2012 Holden Colorado have?

litre Duramax turbo diesel engine
The great majority of Holden Colorado buyers will have their vehicle powered by the new 2.8-litre Duramax turbo diesel engine that provides a healthy 132kW of power and 470Nm of torque when coupled to a six-speed automatic.

Does 2012 Holden Colorado have reverse camera?

A reversing camera with overlaid guidelines on the rear-view mirror is standard on both the LT and LTZ models, as is Bluetooth and USB connectivity and cruise control. A six-speaker stereo system is capable but not class-leading.

Is the Holden Colorado good?

The much-improved Holden Colorado is a well equipped ute with an excellent diesel engine and the option of dual-range four-wheel drive. It carries and tows big loads well, and for a ute it is now quiet to ride in and it steers nicely.

Does a 2012 Colorado have a DPF?

Products. Exhaust – COLORADO RG 2.8L JUNE 2012 – AUGUST 2016 (NON DPF)

Does RG Colorado have a DPF?

The new Colorado’s engine is certified to Euro 5 and it has a Diesel Particulate Filter.

Does 2013 Holden Colorado have Bluetooth?

What features do all versions have? Bluetooth phone connectivity, and auxiliary and USB ports for electronic devices. Headlamps that turn off automatically. Electronic stability control, which helps the driver control the vehicle in a skid.

Can you still buy a new Holden Colorado?

As has been well documented, the updated Colorado will not make its way to showrooms, as General Motors will retire the Holden brand by the end of this year.

Does Holden Colorado have a DPF?

Your Holden is fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter as part of the exhaust system to help reduce emissions. To prevent clogging of the filter, the system periodically goes through a self cleaning process however under certain conditions such as stop/start city traffic it may not be able to complete the process.