What does TTA mean in Miles from Tomorrowland?


What does TTA mean in Miles from Tomorrowland?

the Tomorrowland Transit Authority
Plot. Miles from Tomorrowland is an animated space adventure series set in the year of 2501. It centers on the Callisto family who live on a spaceship called the Stellosphere and work for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA).

Is there a Miles from Tomorrowland movie?

Miles from Tomorrowland: The Movie is a 2015 computer-animated intergalactic adventure movie was produced by Disney Junior, DQ Entertainment, and Wild Canary Animation and was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and was released on September 25, 2015.

Why did Miles from Tomorrowland get Cancelled?

In the United Kingdom, the show is titled Miles from Tomorrow. By season three, the series was re-branded as Mission Force One. There was supposed to be a fourth season, but the series was cancelled, due to low ratings.

What happened to Miles from Tomorrowland?

Miles from Tomorrowland is now Mission Force One, and the reason behind the name change has now been revealed.

Are miles and Loretta twins?

Character information Loretta Callisto is one of the main characters, who appears in the Disney Junior animated series, Miles from Tomorrowland. She is Miles’ older sister and explores the universe with the rest of her family, and later in the series becomes a member of Mission Force One.

Is Miles from Tomorrowland at Disney World?

While there are no Miles from Tomorrowland or Merc activities in the Parks currently, there is a small bit of merchandise still available on the ShopDisney.com website.

How old is Callisto?

8 11

Miles Callisto
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Cosmic Explorer Leader of Mission Force One
Age: 8 11 (Mission Force One)

How old are miles and Loretta?

Loretta Callisto
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Researcher
Age: 11 14 (Mission Force One)