What does Takehiko Inoue do now?


What does Takehiko Inoue do now?

His submission to Weekly Shōnen Jump caught the attention of editor Taizo Nakamura and, at the age of 20, Inoue dropped out of college to move to Tokyo and pursue a career as a manga artist.

Is Real by Takehiko Inoue finished?

Drawn and written by the popular Mangaka (Manga authors) Takehiko Inoue, Real is an ongoing series, eight volumes have been published to date in Japan.

How many assistants does Takehiko Inoue have?

Editor: How many people did you have drawing it with you? Otomo: I had two assistants. Inoue: Two?! Otomo: Plus a third one sometimes who used to come and do the screentone.

What does Takehiko Inoue draw with?

Inoue finds the next stage, drawing with pen or brush, more enjoyable. With pen, he says, “I get into a very subtle, delicate world of work;” with brush drawing, “it gives me more freedom … the brush goes to some uncontrollable place.”

Is Vagabond ever coming back?

Vagabond has been on hiatus for years. Takehiko Inoue has indicated that creating it caused an unsustainable mental strain he didn’t notice. In 2008 he held a “LAST” art exhibit & displayed an epilogue to the rest of the story.

Is Slam Dunk an anime?

An anime series, consisting of 101 episodes, was produced by Toei Animation and directed by Nobutaka Nishizawa. It was first broadcast on TV Asahi from October 16, 1993 to March 23, 1996. It was later aired on the satellite television network, Animax, in addition to four animated movies produced.

Why did Takehiko Inoue stop Vagabond?

Does Takehiko Inoue use watercolor?

Water is a splendid collection of the renowned manga artist’s illustrations from his Vagabond series, executed primarily using watercolors. I’ve always been partial to this medium ( as compared to say, acrylic ) for its subtlety and gentle touch. The watercolor works of Miyazaki-san comes to mind as well.

Does Inoue use a brush?

I also love Inoue’s use of ink and brush as well as the lush rendering of the environment. Viz is currently carrying the manga in the US should you be interested.

Is Takehiko Inoue a basketball fan?

Inoue, who played basketball in high school and is a Lakers fan, explained in a recent interview conducted via e-mail: “When I draw the manga, I draw from my memories of playing, kind of like muscle memory.