What does SecDB do?


What does SecDB do?

1993 marked a significant milestone in Goldman Sachs’ technological history, with the development of a proprietary software system called Securities DataBase (“SecDB”), a platform to price trades and assess risk for trading positions.

Who created SecDB?

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. GS 0.47% created Securities DataBase, or SecDB, to store information on the various new derivatives the firm was churning out in the early 1990s. SecDB’s uses would soon stretch well beyond its unimaginative name to become the envy of Wall Street.

What is GS marquee?

Marquee is the digital storefront for institutional client services, delivering Goldman Sachs’ market insights, analytical tools, execution services, and developer and data services directly to clients via an integrated digital platform.

Which language does Goldman Sachs use?

The company has its own coding language for data, called Legend Language . Goldman Sachs’s data coding language is internally identified as PURE. It is now open-sourced as Legend Language. It is basically a logical modelling language developed by Goldman Sachs to describe its data.

What is Slang Goldman Sachs?

“Slang is a single-threaded language that relates to SecDB, Goldman’s risk and pricing system, which is effectively Goldman’s object store,” says one former Slang programmer who left Goldman last year. “Slang is sort of similar to Python,” he adds. Some Goldman programmers say they love Slang.

What is slang programming language?

The Slang programming language is syntactically similar to Java and functionally similar to C++ (hence slang). In contrast to Java it offers more advanced features like operator overloading and RAII (both known from C++) and relies heavily on const-correctness.

How many lines of code is Goldman Sachs?

As senior staff at the firm like to reiterate, Goldman is pretty much a technology firm. It operates 1.5bn lines of code, has an infrastructure with 38 petabytes (each petabyte being a thousand terabytes) of storage and makes over 16m software changes every month.

When did Goldman Sachs launch marquee?

NEW YORK, February 3, 2022 – Goldman Sachs has announced the launch of the ‘Marquee for e-Quality’ initiative for the second consecutive year, as part of the firm’s on-going commitment to promoting inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Does Goldman use C++?

Alongside Java, some of the most interesting engineering jobs also require C++, which is used both in the intepreter which interfaces with Slang and for roles in areas like high speed trading. – Goldman is currently advertising a strats role in systematic market making for which C++ is critical, for example.

Do investment bankers know coding?

Is coding necessary for investment banking? No. Some of the most successful investment bankers I know use their computers for nothing except e-mail — but they are able to confidently advise corporate executives on how and when to raise huge amounts of capital.

What language does Goldman Sachs use?