What does Moli MOU mean?


What does Moli MOU mean?

Moli mou ( has no Greek meaning; but “Meli mou” = My Honey. 2. Latria mou and agapi mou both mean “My Love” 3. Khriso mou means ” My Dearest / My Love”

What is the meaning of Agapi Mou?

Αγάπη μου (agapi mou)= love or my love. 6. Σε σκέφτομαι / σε σκέφτομαι συνέχεια (se skeftome / se skeftome sinehia)= I’m thinking of you / I’m thinking of you all the time. 7.

What is mana Greek?

As a Result The Crescent Moon was Pronounced as MANA. In Typical Astrology/Mythology The SUN is the Father, The MOON is the Mother. Therefor Spartans were calling their Mothers Moon in Greek Μάνα/Mana.

Can you say Agapi mou to a guy?

Moro mu is for both girls and guys and it is very popular. Some others are agapi mu(my love,for both girls and guys), moraki mu (my little baby, for both girls and guys), latria mu (something we adore, for both girls and guys) and if I remember something else I will tell you.

Is mana a Hawaiian word?

In some Polynesian languages the literal meaning of mana is ‘thunder, storm or wind. ‘” Ancient Hawaiians believed mana could be inherited through lineage or acquired through great feats, skill, artistry, talents and gifts, which are cultivated through education and training.

What is mana in real life?

In Melanesian and Polynesian culture, mana is the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe. Anyone or anything can have mana. It is a cultivation or possession of energy and power, rather than being a source of power. It is an intentional force.

What language is agape mou?

Agapi Mou – Translated Into Greek: [my Beloved] (Greek Edition): Donnie: 9781537792088: Amazon.com: Books.

What is mana Japanese?

From Japanese 愛 (mana) meaning « love, affection » combined with 美 (mi) meaning « beautiful » or 海 (mi) meaning « sea, ocean ».