What does Luis Suarez celebration mean?


What does Luis Suarez celebration mean?

The Uruguayan striker made a phone call gesture towards the stands where Ronald Koeman was sitting when he scored Atletico’s second goal. Luis Suarez celebrated his goal against Barcelona making a phone call gesture towards Ronald Koeman in the stands.

Who was Luis Suarez talking to?

Luis Suarez reveals conversation with Lionel Messi The Atletico striker suggested that he had to act ‘as a friend’ and support him. The 34-year old added that Messi had interestingly told him that he will finish his career at Barcelona just an hour before the contract talks fell apart.

What happened to Luis Suarez?

An emotional Luis Suarez was forced off with muscle pain after just 13 minutes into Atletico Madrid’s pivotal Champions League group-stage game against Porto. Suarez, 34, signalled to the Atletico bench that he could not continue and was replaced by Matheus Cunha.

What does Luis Suarez have on his hand?

This is actually a tribute to his family. He has a tattoo on his wrist that reads ‘Delfina’, which is the name of Suarez’s eldest daughter. First he kisses his ring finger as a nod to his wife Sofia, before kissing the tattoo.

What does Suarez neck tattoo mean?

Tattoo: The left side of his neck contains a tattoo of a hand doing a gesture with the index finger, middle finger, and the thumb extended out of a fist. Meaning: This is the gesture that Suárez does to celebrate his goals. It is a tribute to his wife and kids.

Why did Suarez cry yesterday?

Luis Suarez in tears after Atletico win La Liga title, says thankful to club after being disrespected at Barcelona.

Why did Suarez cry Atletico Madrid?

The 34-year-old striker was spotted sobbing on the Atletico substitutes’ bench after muscle pain forced him out of the crucial group stage game. The former Liverpool man signalled to the bench early on that he was unable to continue and was replaced by Matheus Cunha.

Who got rid of Luis Suarez?

“Madness,” Lionel Messi called it, but even he hadn’t imagined it being this mad. One Friday in September Messi walked into the dressing room at Barcelona’s Sant Joan Despí training ground and it hit him.

Why does Suarez wear red tape?

In an interview with Spanish radio station Onda Cero, Suarez finally admitted why. It turns out it has become one of his bizarre superstitions after initially opting to wear it unnecessarily at Liverpool to bypass Premier League rules, which prevented him from putting a red ribbon on the same wrist.