What does kg 84 stand for?


What does kg 84 stand for?

Military digital line encryptor. The KG-84 is an electronic encryption device developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) in the USA. It was used for ensuring secure transmission of digital data over a variety of networks, such as landlines, satellites, microwave links and Telex lines.

What does KG stand for crypto?

KG means Key Generator which could be used with any digital input device. KW is the prefix for a Teletype encryption device.

How does a Taclane work?

TACLANE not only employs access control, but includes compromise recovery that is suitable for tactical as well as fixed network environments. It uses a cryptographic ignition key (CIK) that renders the device unusable and UNCLASSIFIED when it is removed.

What does KIV stand for KIV 77?

KIV means “Keep in View.”

What does kg stand for?

The kilogram (abbreviation, kg) is the Standard International (SI) System of Units unit of mass. It is defined as the mass of a particular international prototype made of platinum-iridium and kept at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.

What is a Taclane used for?

TACLANE – the most widely deployed family of network encryptors in the world – protects networks against threats & defends assets across all domains.

Is Taclane a router?

On the horizon is the TACLANE-Router [5], which combines a HAIPE network encryptor with integrated routing capabilities provided by Cisco 3200 routing technology.

How much does a KIV 7m cost?

US$ 3355
On its own, it can be used at speeds up to 288 kbps (async) or 512 kbps (sync). This is a high-speed version of the KIV-7, built around 1998 for US$ 3355. It was suitable for speeds up to 1.544 Mbps (sync).

What does a KIV-7 do?

The KIV-7 is a National Security Agency Type-1, single-channel encryptor originally designed in the mid-1990s by AlliedSignal Corporation to meet the demand for secure data communications from personal computers (PC), workstations, and FAXs.

Which is correct kg or kgs?

Symbol kg. Because the metric ( SI ) system uses symbols, not abbreviations, the symbol kg is not followed by a period and does not take an s in the plural. Each sack of cement weighs 25 kg (not 25 kgs).

What do you mean by 1kg of mass?

kilogram. [ (kil-uh-gram, kee-luh-gram) ] A unit of mass in the metric system, equal to one thousand grams. The weight of a one-kilogram mass is slightly over two pounds.