What does Kaio-ken x20 do in Xenoverse?


What does Kaio-ken x20 do in Xenoverse?

X20 Kaioken is a Super Attack, Transformation obtained from Parallel Quest 09. Kaioken is usable by all races and drains your stamina while increasing the damage of your basic attacks and specials.

Is potential unleashed better than Kaio-ken?

Isn’t potential unleashed just a better version of Kaioken? From what I can tell, they both give the 15% damage increase, but potential unleashed also gives you a 5% damage reduction vs a damage increase on Kaioken, and doesn’t drain stamina while increasing Ki regen.

How do you get Kaioken x20?

In order to unlock Kaioken you must play through the Saiyan Saga. In the Parallel Quest, Invade Earth (Parallel Quest 8), you must defeat all of the enemies while also allowing Nappa to survive. This causes you to battle against the revived Goku. If you defeat Goku you may earn the Kaioken reward.

How do I get to Kaioken x20?

Is potential unleashed better than Super Saiyan?

Ultimate Gohan wearing Supreme Kai’s clothes The power of Gohan’s Potential Unleashed form was stated to be greater than the Super Saiyan 3 transformation. Thanks to it being a different power boost from Super Saiyan, Gohan no longer needs that form.

How do you unlock your potential?

8 brilliant ways to unlock your potential

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How strong is potential unleashed?

How strong is potential unleashed? Potential Unleashed draws out all the latent potential in the user’s body. So not only did it make Gohan as strong as he would be if he trained 24/7 for his entire life, but it made him as strong as he would be in Super Saiyan 3, with none of the downsides.

How good is Kaioken Xenoverse 2?

Kaioken grants 2.5% damage boost and also slightly drains stamina. Kaioken x20 grants 15% damage boost, greatly increased speed and makes Z Vanishes as well as Burst Dashes free, but user takes 30% more damage and loses 1 stamina bar every 3 seconds.