What does a JLG 1930 weigh?


What does a JLG 1930 weigh?

Key Specs

General Specifications
Maximum Ground Bearing Pressue 8.65 Kg/cm2
Hydraulic Pump Fixed Displacement Gear
Machine Weight (ANSI Export & CSA) 2711.7 lb / 1230 kg
Machine Weight 3320.2 lb / 1506 kg

How much does a JLG scissor lift Cost?

Sales Price $22,169.00 JLG’s Scissor 26′ platform height scissor lift, 32″ wide, compact scissor lift.

How do you charge a JLG scissor lift?

How to Charge a Scissor Lift Safely

  1. Park the Scissor Lift. Ensure the scissor lift is parked in a designated work area.
  2. Turn the Lift-Off. Power down the scissor lift.
  3. Connect the Lift to a Battery Charger. Find the battery charger in the scissor lift.
  4. Confirm the Charger Is Working.
  5. Disconnect the Charger.

How high do JLG 2030ES go?

Technical data

Manufacturer – Model: JLG 2030ES
Working height(m): 8.00
Lift capacity(kg): 360
Own weight(kg): 2020

How much does it cost to charge a scissor lift?

On average, you can expect to pay these rates per rental time: Daily – $85-$200. Weekly – $350-$600. Monthly – $600-$1,500.

How high does a GS 1930 scissor lift?

25 ft 3 in

Specification Value
Max Working Height 25 ft 3 in | 7.85 m
Capacity 500 lb | 227 kg
Machine Width 2 ft 6 in | 0.76 m
Machine Length 6 ft | 1.83 m

Who owns JLG equipment?

Oshkosh Corporation
McNeilus Companies, Inc
JLG Industries/Parent organizations
Founded in 1969, JLG operated independently until 2006 when it was acquired by Oshkosh Corporation. JLG operates globally and is headquartered in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, United States. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019.