What does 3x9x50 mean?


What does 3x9x50 mean?

A 3-9 power scope has adjustable magnification between 3 and 9 times. Objective lens size. After the power of the scope, there will be a capital X, like 3-9X50. The number after the X is the size of the objective lens in millimeters, so the example scope has a 50 mm objective lens.

How far is a 3 9X50 good for?

A 9mm objective lens would be stupidly tiny). Anyhow, a general rule of thumb is that for every power of magnification, you can shoot out an additional 100 yards, so a 3–9 power scope give you about 900 yards of usable range.

Where are barska scopes made?

Both Barska and Nikon scopes are well known in the outdoor sporting industry. Through the years, both brands have been offering their customers top-of-the-line and durable scopes. Barska optics are made in China and are offered at affordable prices.

What is the 40 in 3x9x40?

In a 3-9×40 scope, the 3 means three power, or 3x. This means that the image you see through the scope appears three times (3x) closer than it does with your naked eye. The 9 means nine power, or nine times (9x) closer than it appears with your naked eye. The forty (40) is the objective lens diameter in millimeters.

Is barska an American company?

Despite the rather foreign sound of the name, Barska is a USA company and based in California.

Is 4×12 better than 3×9 scope?

4×12 is more powerful than 3×9. Remember, scopes are not accurate, guns and humans are. IF the objective is to get the target larger than 4×12 is the choice.

Is a 4×12 scope good for hunting?

If you’re an occasional weekend deer hunter who uses a lever action 30-30, and hunts in an area where the average shot is 75 yards or less, then a 3X9 or 4X12 will probably work just fine for you.