What do vets recommend for flea treatment?


What do vets recommend for flea treatment?

The Merck Veterinary Manual lists the following chemical compounds in flea pills that are most effective against fleas:

  • Afoxolaner (Brand name NexGard)
  • Fluralaner (Brand name Bravecto)
  • Nitenpyram (Brand names include CapStar)
  • Spinosad (Brand name Comfortis)

How much does vet flea treatment cost?

Average veterinary price list

Grooming8 $30 – $500 annually
Flea and Tick Control9 $40 – $200 annually
Spay3 $100 – $200
Neuter3 $50 – $100
Cat or Dog teeth cleaning2 $50 – $300

What is the best vet recommended flea treatment for dogs?

Best flea treatments for dogs and cats

  • Finding the right treatment.
  • Frontline® Flea Spray for Dogs and Cats.
  • Frontline® Plus for Dogs and Cats.
  • Seresto™ Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs and Cats.
  • Capstar® Flea Control for Dogs and Cats.
  • Advantage® II for Dogs and Cats.
  • Sentry Fiproguard for Cats.
  • Effix for Dogs.

What is the best brand for flea control?

Best Overall: Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray at Chewy.

  • Best Powder: Adams Flea & Tick Carpet Powder at Chewy.
  • Best Fogger: Bayer Advantage Household Fogger at Chewy.
  • Best Budget: PetArmor Home and Carpet Spray at Chewy.
  • Best Trap: Enoz Trap-N-Kill Flea Trap at Chewy.
  • Best for Outdoors:
  • Best Prevention:
  • Is NexGard prescription only?

    Is NexGard prescription only? Yes, to purchase NexGard, you’ll need a prescription from a licensed veterinarian dated within the last 12 months.

    What is the cheapest most effective flea treatment for dogs?

    The best flea & tick collars for dogs

    • Tevrapet Flea & Tick Collar, Dogs $30.
    • Seresto 8 Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar$114.
    • PetArmor Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs, 2 Collars$30.
    • K9 Advantix II Flea & Tick Spot Treatment for Dogs$70.
    • Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Home Spray$20.
    • Vectra Flea & Tick Spot Treatment for Dogs$100.

    Which is better frontline or Bravecto?

    Tick-control efficacy on individual dogs was higher in Bravecto™ (fluralaner) treated dogs in weeks 2 and 4. In week 8, Frontline™ (fipronil) efficacy was slightly higher at 100% compared with 99.7% for Bravecto™ (fluralaner). Both treatment groups had a tick efficacy of 100% at week 12 (Table 5).

    What kills flea eggs on dogs?

    Treat Your Pet Use Adams Plus Flea & Tick Spray or Adams Plus Flea & Tick Collars with an insect growth regulator (IGR) designed to kill flea eggs and their larvae. The spray is effective for up to two months, and the collars are effective for up to seven months.