What do Hans and Alex do the night before they leave?


What do Hans and Alex do the night before they leave?

What does Hans do the night before he leaves for training? Hans Huberman goes to the Knoller with Alex Steiner, drinks alcohol beverages, and was invited to play the accordion onstage.

How did holtzapfel die?

Robert is Frau Holtzapfel’s son. He dies in Stalingrad after losing both of his legs in an explosive blast.

Who is Frau holtzapfel?

Frau Holtzapfel The Hubermanns’ neighbor. She initially comes across as mean and uncharitable, as she has an ongoing feud with Rosa Hubermann and is rude to Liesel, but she turns out to be extremely vulnerable after the death of her son.

What does Rudy End stealing?

Rudy packs a toolbox to go steal from the wealthy houses of Molching, from the rich Nazis who stole their fathers. The odd item in the toolbox is a teddy bear to give to a child should he or she come into the room while he’s stealing. Liesel sees him from her window and takes off after him.

Who beat Liesel with a wooden spoon?


What did Frau holtzapfel want from Liesel?

The Book Thief Rosa agrees, and Liesel decides this must be her punishment for stealing. This chapter demonstrates how words, and Frau Holtzapfel’s desire for words, are powerful enough to get her to make slight amends with Rosa.

What mistakes does Hans make that jeopardize his membership with the party?

What are Hans Hubermann’s “two mistakes” with regards to his standing with the Nazi party, and what are the two things that ultimately save him from those mistakes? Offering to paint over a swastika on the door of a Jewish store and he tells a man at the NSDAP that he would never join the party.

What brought Liesel happiness?

Despite her hardships, serveral things have brought Liesel happiness.

Why did Rudy lose the race on purpose?

Rudy, meanwhile, trains for the upcoming Hitler Youth Carnival. Rudy wins the first three races easily, but is disqualified from the fourth because of repeated false starts. After the carnival, Rudy confesses that he did it on purpose. Liesel steals another book, A Song in the Dark, from the Hermann library.

What story does Hans offer to Liesel?

Hans tells Liesel in no uncertain terms that she must never tell anyone about Max. Hans explains in detail what would happen if she did: Hans would burn Liesel’s books, Liesel would be taken away, and Hans, Rosa, and Max would all be taken away and never return.hace 2 días

What happens to Michael holtzapfel?

Towards the end of the book, Liesel realizes that Micheal can not sleep at night due to the guilt of himself living while Robert died. On July 24, 6:03 A.M. Micheal sneaks into a laundromat, jumps from a chair, and hangs himself. “He killed himself for wanting to live.”

Why was Hans allowed to return home?

Why was Hans Hubermann allowed to return home? He was allowed to go home for a few weeks for his leg (that was injured in the military vehicle accident) to heal. Afterwards he would return to an army desk job.

Why do you think Liesel did not seize the opportunity to kiss Rudy inside his father’s shop on Christmas night?

Answer Expert Verified. When they broke into the shop, Liesel had the opportunity to kiss Rudy, but the kiss didn’t happen. This was because there was dust on Liesel’s lips and that made Rudy not want to kiss him.

How did Hans Hubermann survive the battle that killed his whole platoon?

How did Hans Huberman survive the battle that killed the whole platoon? He went A-wall.

Why does the paper make Hans suspicious?

Why does the paper make Han’s suspicious? The paper might make Hans suspicious because the party changed their decision of not wanting him.

What happens to Max at the end of the novel?

Then we learn Max survived the concentration camp, and he and Liesel reunited at the end of World War II. But, we don’t learn what happens to Max after that. The novel ends with Death giving Liesel back her book, The Book Thief, as he’s taking her soul away from her body.

How does Rudy justify the stealing?

Rudy would pour ice onto the road which caused the bike to fall and they stole the food. Liesel and Rudy shared the food with the fruit stealing gang. How does Rudy justify the stealing? The Sturm family didn’t have enough food because of the priests.

How many times did Hans Hubermann escape death?

to get full document. This state of mind leads him to make the decision to Shelter Max, who is the son of his Jewish friend, Erik, who saved his life during the war. Hans Hubermann is an uncommon person, one who will accept death, although he has miraculously avoided death three times in the book.

How does Reinhold Zucker save Hans Hubermann’s life?

How does Reinhold Zucker save Hans Hubermann’s life? Zucker demands Hans’s seat on the truck. You just studied 35 terms!

How does Hans escape death in WWI?

How did Hans avoid meeting Death during World War I? Becasue Hans was volunteered by Erick to the sargent to write letters, so hans stays behind writhing letters while the rest go out into battle and die. Hehe visits Erik’s wife after he dies an his wife tells him to keep the accordion that he has.