What cryptographic algorithm does MACsec use?


What cryptographic algorithm does MACsec use?

MACsec utilizes the Galois/Counter Mode Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-GCM) for authenticated encryption and Galois Message Authentication Code (GMAC) if only authentication, but not encryption is required.

How is MACsec configured?

The connected MACsec ports are configured with the same CAK name (CKN) and CAK. Only the ports are configured with the same CKN in the network. A user-configured preshared key has higher priority than the 802.1X-generated CAK.

Is MACsec Cisco proprietary?

Cisco has its own proprietary Security Association Protocol (SAP) which it uses for a switch to switch MACSec on trunk connections. In the non-cisco network, you would use MKA for a switch to switch MACSec in dynamic crypto configuration as well as for host to switch connection.

How secure is MACsec?

MACsec is a Layer 2 protocol that relies on GCM-AES-128 to offer integrity and confidentiality, and operates over ethernet. It can secure all traffic within a LAN, including DHCP and ARP, as well as traffic from higher layer protocols.

Is MACsec encrypted?

How does MACsec work? When MACsec is enabled, a bi-directional secure link is established after an exchange and verification of security keys between the two connected devices. A combination of data integrity checks and encryption is used to safeguard the transmitted data.

Is MACsec better than IPsec?

IPsec works on IP packets, at layer 3, while MACsec operates at layer 2, on ethernet frames. Thus, MACsec can protect all DHCP and ARP traffic, which IPsec cannot secure. On the other hand, IPsec can work across routers, while MACsec is limited to a LAN.

What is Cisco TrustSec?

Cisco TrustSec is an umbrella term for security improvements to Cisco network devices based on the capability to strongly identify users, hosts and network devices within a network. TrustSec provides topology independent and scalable access controls by uniquely classifying data traffic for a particular role.

Is MACsec a tunnel?

IPSec, which provides security by using end-to-end tunnels, is complex, while MACsec supports easy upgrades and high-speed connectivity up to 100G at low power and low cost.

What is IPsec and MACsec?

MACsec is for authentication and encryption of traffic over Ethernet on Layer 2 LAN networks. Alternatively, for Layer 3 networks, IPSec is used. Since MACsec and IPsec operate on different network layers, IPsec works on IP packets at Layer 3, while MACsec operates on Ethernet frames at Layer 2.

What is MACsec replay protection?

Specifies the action to be taken when packets are received out of order, based on their packet number. If replay protection is configured, you can specify the window size within which out-of-order packets are allowed.

Does MACsec encrypt payload?

Confidentiality – The data payload of each MAC frame is encrypted to prevent it from being eavesdropped by unauthorized parties.