What are the advantages of using an ePortfolio?


What are the advantages of using an ePortfolio?

ePortfolios can: help learners develop new or deeper learning, which results in higher grades; help learners develop a better sense of themselves as students and as individuals; be shared with friends and family members; and showcase learners’ achievements when they are applying for a job.

Why is a nursing portfolio important?

A portfolio can assist nurses to store and manage their revalidation or reregistration documents in one place, so that these can be easily updated and produced when required, for example in performance reviews and job applications.

How are ePortfolios used in nursing?

An ePortfolio is an online representation of your academic and professional accomplishments and achievements. It is a great way to keep all of your experience and accomplishments in one place to really highlight your abilities and capabilities as a nurse.

What is the disadvantage of ePortfolio?

A disadvantage of using e-portfolios is the type of software used and available. Making arrangements to ensure compatible software will be available during your interview is important. In case technical difficulties do arise, bring copies of your originals to distribute.

What are the disadvantages of portfolios?

Disadvantages of a portfolio Logistics are challenging. Students must retain and compile their own work, usually outside of class. Motivating students to take the portfolio seriously may be difficult. Transfer students may have difficulties meeting program-portfolio requirements.

What is the overall purpose of an electronic portfolio for nursing education and practice?

Furthermore, the e-portfolio provides a means through which nurses can record and provide evidence of skills, achievements, experience, professional development and on-going learning, not only for themselves, but for the information and scrutiny of registration boards, employers, managers and peers.

What is a nurse portfolio?

A nursing portfolio is confirmation of your nursing preparation, licensure and employment history. You also need to offer supporting documents, which provide proof of your achievements. If you recently graduated from nursing school or completed an advanced degree program, you may want to provide your transcripts.

Why should nursing students create an electronic portfolio?

Why should nursing students create an ePortfolio?

Building an ePortfolio provides opportunities for professional development, critical reflection, and lifelong learning. Digital connections may enhance your knowledge in areas such as healthcare policy, current healthcare trends, and research.

What advantages or disadvantages does an electronic portfolio have over a print portfolio?

Pros. An electronic portfolio requires a fraction of the physical storage space needed for a printed portfolio. It can be saved on a hard drive, website, CD or other external storage device. An ePortfolio can be emailed to potential employers, is easy to duplicate and does not show wear and tear like printed materials.

What is the difference between portfolio and ePortfolio?

Portfolios, electronic or paper, are spaces where one can collect artifacts and curate work. An ePortfolio allows for a digitalized collection of artifacts geared towards a certain purpose and a particular audience.

What are the advantages of portfolio assessment over performance based assessment?

Portfolios used well in classrooms have several advantages. They provide a way of documenting and evaluating growth in a much more nuanced way than selected response tests can. Also, portfolios can be integrated easily into instruction, i.e. used for assessment for learning.