What are the 5 military education levels?


What are the 5 military education levels?

As the Military Education Policy Document points out, professional military education has five progressive levels: precommissioning, primary, intermediate, senior, and general/flag.

What is IDE military?

The United States Air Force provides a continuum of professional military education at Air University with Basic Developmental Education (BDE), Primary Developmental Education (PDE), Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE), and Senior Developmental Education (SDE).

Why is professional military education important?

PME can both help enable students to sharpen their thinking; stimulate their curiosity and creative instincts; and help them think how to use this to make their institutions more innovative, for instance through thesis work.

How long is MLC?

112 academic hours
The Master Leader Course (MLC) contains 27 lessons which total 112 academic hours during a continuous 14-day program of instruction. The MLC lessons are progressive and sequential, covered in four Army Learning Areas: Human Dimension, Army Profession and Leadership, Professional Competence, and Mission Command.

What is the purpose of professional military education?

Put simply, the professional military education system is being told to create leaders who can “achieve intellectual overmatch against adversaries.” Such overmatch demands a return to rigor that has been too long absent within senior professional military education.

What is IDE and SDE?

Intermediate and Senior Developmental Education (IDE and SDE)


The Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) is located at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama and is the United States Air Force’s intermediate-level Professional Military Education (PME) school.

Do you get a ribbon for graduating ALS?

When any Airman graduates from ALS, they receive an NCO Development Ribbon. Awards have also been presented to distinguished ALS graduates including a Leadership Award, Distinguished Graduate Award, Academic Achievement Award, and the John Levitow Award (see below).