What are Clip tips?


What are Clip tips?

ClipTip pipette tips feature “clips” that lock tips in place with a light touch for a secure seal on every channel. Tips will not loosen or fall off and will only release when ejected using minimal application pressure, making daily pipetting a totally new experience.

What are HLT pipette tips?

HLT Non-Filtered Pipette Tips

  • Benefit. Universal tips, will fit any pipettes in your lab.
  • Specification. Sterile tips comes in a sealed racked. All sterile tips are free from RNAse/DNAse, ATP, Endtoxins, and Pyrogens.
  • Resource. Brochure.

What is art pipette tip?

ART self-sealing barrier tips are the only tips that seal completely to prevent liquid samples and aerosols from coming in contact with the pipette nose cone. When the barrier seals it protects the pipette and subsequent samples from cross contamination.

Who makes pipette tips?

BrandTech Scientific, Inc. Manufacturer and stocking distributor of pipette tips made from virgin polypropylene, high-density polyethylene and polyethylene for laboratory applications. Types of tips include sterile, filter and syringe pipette tips.

What are low retention pipette tips?

Low retention tips, also called low binding tips, are pipette tips that have been modified to reduce the adhesion of DNA, enzymes, proteins, cells, as well as other viscous materials to the tip surface.

What tips fit Rainin pipettes?

Oxford LTS Tips Oxford LTR tips are designed to fit all Rainin® LTS-Style Pipette and provide a cost-effective alternative for scientists. All Oxford LTR tips are: Multichannel-friendly Low Retention to provide maximum sample recovery Free of heavy metals and are…

What are aerosol resistant pipette tips?

Aerosol Barrier tips, also called filter pipette tips, are fitted with a filter inside the proximal part of the tip. The filter protects your pipettes from aerosols and aspirating volatile or viscous solutions into the barrel, all of which can contaminate and damage the pipette.

How expensive are pipette tips?

Buy Pipet Tips | Lab Procurement Services, Price: $30.00 – $39.99.

When should you use a low retention pipette?

Therefore, low retention tips are ideal when pipetting highly concentrated, and consequently viscous, samples during:

  1. PCR, cloning, sequencing or other DNA and RNA applications.
  2. SDS-PAGE, protein purification or other protein analysis applications.

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