What age is little passports good for?


What age is little passports good for?

7 to 12 years old
USA Edition is recommended for children 7 to 12 years old. The recommended age range for our other subscriptions are: 3 to 5 years old for Early Explorers, 5 to 8 years old for Science Junior, 6 to 10 years old for World Edition, and 8+ for our Science Expeditions. Can I order Little Passports as a gift?

Is it easy to cancel Little Passports?

You may elect to cancel your Subscription at any time by logging into My Account and cancelling the Subscription or by emailing Little Passports Customer Care Team at [email protected].

How much does little Passports cost a month?

Want to buy Little Passports?

12 month subscription 6 month subscription
$19.95 per month One time payment of $239.40 + shipping $21.95 per month One time payment of $131.70 + shipping
Auto renews after 12 months Cancel renewal anytime Auto renews after 6 months Cancel renewal anytime

How much does a little passport cost?

Part of the magic of Little Passports is the anticipation and excitement of receiving a new package addressed to your child each month. Perfect for kids ages 6 – 10!…Little Passports World Edition – Subscription Box for Kids | Ages 6-10.

Initial price: $23.76 for your first box
Renews at: $27.95/box & FREE Shipping
You Save: $4.19 on your first box

Where are little passports made?

San Francisco
Little Passports is a San Francisco-based company that inspires children to learn about other countries and cultures. The company has four innovative subscriptions that introduce children to the world around them via monthly postal packages and online games.

How many subscribers does little passports have?

One Million and Counting!

Can kids share little passports?

– The subscription can be shared by siblings. As noted on the Little Passports website, to share a subscription, for the child’s shipping information, you can enter in multiple first names (“Jack and Jill”) or a family name (“The Brown Kids” or the “The Brown Family”).

Does Little Passports auto renew?

For your convenience, our subscriptions automatically renew based on the term you purchased until you cancel. This ensures that your child will never miss a package.

Is Little Passports a subscription?

“Little Passports is a great monthly subscription box to spark your child’s curiosity for culture. Boxes for younger kids include insights on different cultural music and geographical facts, while the boxes for the older kids teach them about a new country every month.”

Where are Little Passports made?

Who bought Little Passports?

company BEGiN
Kidtech company BEGiN has acquired geography-focused subscription box service Little Passports in a bid to expand its direct-to-consumer business and break into language learning and physical products.

Who created Little Passports?

Amy Norman’s
Amy Norman’s path to founding Little Passports began at a very young age. She grew up moving every three years between England and the US and nourished her desire for cultural learning by studying Spanish and International Studies at The Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.