Was the bayonet charge in We Were soldiers real?


Was the bayonet charge in We Were soldiers real?

Rick Rescorla: True American Hero Led a Bayonet Charge in Vietnam, Saved Thousands from the Twin Towers 9/11. His Body Was Never Found. Credit: Rescorla Family / The History Channel. The Battle of la Drang Valley was the first major battle in the Vietnam War.

What happened at the Battle of Paoli?

20-21, 1777, is remembered as one of the bloodiest battles of the Revolutionary War. Commonly known here in America as the “Paoli Massacre,” at least 53 Continental Army soldiers lost their lives and roughly 200 were wounded or taken prisoner during this surprise bayonet assault by about 1,200 British troops.

Who won the Paoli Massacre?

Battle of Paoli
A Dreadful scene of havock, Xavier della Gatta, 1782
Date September 20, 1777 Location Willistown Township / Malvern, Pennsylvania Result British victory
United States Great Britain

How did the Paoli Massacre end?

Grey’s men took the American camp totally by surprise, emerging from the woods that hid their movements. American’s fled in panic and the encampment was destroyed as the British went about their bloody work. Wayne’s entire division was routed, losing 272 men, most of them taken prisoner.

What battles were fought in Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War?


  • 9/11/1777 – Battle of Brandywine.
  • 9/16/1777 – Battle of the Clouds.
  • 9/20/1777 – Battle of Paoli.
  • 10/4/1777 – Battle of Germantown.
  • Philadelphia Campaign – Overall.
  • Troop Movements in Delaware Valley – Interactive Map.
  • Valley Forge / Tredyffrin Encampments | September & December 1777.

Why was Washington defeated at Germantown?

The ambition behind the plan was to surprise and destroy the British force, much in the same way as Washington had surprised and decisively defeated the Hessians at Trenton. In Germantown, Howe had his light infantry and the 40th Foot spread across his front as pickets….Battle of Germantown.

Date October 4, 1777
Result British victory

Why did the British win the Battle of Germantown?

The Battle of Germantown played an important role in the outcome of the Revolutionary War. Although the British won the battle, the Continental Army had finally gone on the offensive and attacked the British. This gave the soldiers and the patriots a renewed confidence that they could win the war.

Who won the capture of Philadelphia?

During the American Revolution, the British successfully overtook the American capital city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here are 10 facts about how the British gained control of Philadelphia, and later, how the Americans took it back.

Did Hal Moore lead a bayonet charge?

24. Moore led a bayonet charge that forced the enemy to retreat and then helicopter gunships decimated the enemy before Moore’s men walked into a trap. BULL CRAP Moore did have the men fix bayonets before pushing the perimeter out after the battle was over and he did lead the movement, but there was no contact.