Ordering Services from a Freelancer: Features and Pitfalls


A freelancer is a person, a private specialist in any field who performs work on an order. He chooses the place of work and time independently. He has no fixed salary, no schedule, but there are only orders and deadlines for their implementation.

How they can be useful

As a rule, the services of freelancers are used when there is a need to solve a specific task and there are no familiar proven contractors that meet the criteria of price/quality. For example, you need to refine the site, develop a 3D-visualization of the house, write a mobile application, etc., but there is no suitable executor in the phone book and among your friends.

Where to find freelancers

To search for freelancers there are special sites (exchanges). There are also specialized exchanges designed to search for copywriters, designers, foreign freelance exchanges, and so on. And that’s why we offer this paper writing service.

The advantages of working with freelancers


Developing a website with a freelancer in most cases will be cheaper than developing a website at an agency. This is due to both obvious reasons (you work directly with the contractor who does not pay taxes, does not rent an office, does not use the services of contractors, and all the money for the project goes only to him) and, in many cases, with a lower level of work. But we will discuss this later.

Getting a large number of responses for a short period of time. Publishing a project on freelance exchange within a few hours you get feedback from potential executors, ready to tackle your project. An analogue of the tender.

Fast start of works. With a freelancer, it is not mandatory to enter into a compact or arrange in staff. For the beginning performances of the project, it is enough to discuss a problem, conditions of cooperation and, in the majority of cases, to bring an advance payment.

Cons of working with freelancers

Quality. When ordering a service from a freelancer consisting of several different types of work, it is important to understand that one person cannot be a professional in all areas equally. For example, a turnkey website developer is hardly an expert in interface design, design, layout, programming, marketing, SEO, copywriting, and management. Somewhere there will be a drawdown.

Many freelancers-programmers use the services of other freelancers-designers, copywriters, and vice versa, but in this case, you pay for the work of several people and the cost of the project is commensurate with the order the same services in the Agency.


A freelancer may disappear, and the likelihood of this event is very high. And the disappearance will be in no way connected with your approach to work, the budget, the presence of positive feedback from the executors on the exchange.

Loss of the executor is always sad. And it’s not about the money. More precisely, not only about money. There is still a chance to return the prepayment, but alas, there is no way to compensate for the loss of time. There is a risk of falling behind competitors, stalling other business processes tied to the site, not having time to launch the site by the season and lose profits, and so on.

How to choose a good freelancer

There is no clear answer to this question. There are several points that you should pay attention to when looking for a freelancer through the stock exchange:

The time of presence on the site. It is better to contact executors with a long experience on the freelance exchange and the registration date is from a year or more.

The absence of negative responses from customers. If responses are present, it is necessary to penetrate into each of them, to check customers, to read answers of the executor and so on. Sometimes to diligent executors negative responses are written by competitors or inadequate clients.

Availability of a qualitative portfolio on your or similar subjects. It is meaningful to employ the executor having a successful operational experience with similar projects and familiar with the nuances of your area since it will essentially increase the probability of successful realization of the project.