Is the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway Open?


Is the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway Open?

Road Conditions on the Scenic Byway often change. In general the Byway is closed due to snow during the winter, from November to mid June, although parts of it are accessible during this time.

Is McKinley Grove road paved?

From McKinley Grove Road the route north to the Courtright Reservoir on Courtright Way is approximately 7.4 miles. Courtright Way is maintained as Forest Road 10s016 and is largely a one-lane paved roadway. Courtright Way northbound begins with a fast climb to an approximate peak elevation of 8,600 feet.

Is the road to Wishon Lake open?

The road closes annually in December and re-opens in April depending on weather and road conditions. Access to parking, campgrounds and trails may be limited due to snow.

Is the road to Wishon reservoir open?

U.S. Forest Service – Sierra National Forest Courtright Road and access to the reservoir remain closed until the snow melts.

Is the road to Courtright Reservoir open?

The road to Courtright Reservoir, maintained by PG&E, will remain closed until it is clear of snow and other hazards. For information on roads, camping and backpacking, call the High Sierra Ranger District’s visitor information services in Prather at (559) 855-5360 or the Clovis office at (559) 297-0706.

Is Courtright Lake open?

Courtright and Wishon Reservoirs are open May through November.

Is Mckinley Grove open?

Located at the McKinley Grove of Giant Sequoias. Also, located in the Giant Sequoia Grove is a handicap accessible interpretive trail….At a Glance.

Current Conditions: Historical site and nature trail.
Fees No
Open Season: May – November
Usage: Light
Water: No

Is the road to Wishon Reservoir Open 2020?

What county is Wishon Lake in?

Wishon is a former settlement in Madera County, California. It has been inundated by Bass Lake….Wishon, California.

Coordinates: 37°17′58″N 119°33′16″WCoordinates: 37°17′58″N 119°33′16″W
Country United States
State California
County Madera County