Is the Note Edge a good phone?


Is the Note Edge a good phone?

The Galaxy Note Edge is a great phone because the Galaxy Note 4 is a great phone, and the head-turning gimmickry of the curved screen does very little to compromise that fact. Make no mistake — I don’t think phones with slightly bent displays are the future.

Why did Samsung discontinue the Note Edge?

Samsung will reportedly discontinue its Galaxy Note phone line in 2021, according to Reuters, as the company contends with falling demand for pricey smartphones caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

How old is the Note Edge?

Since 2013, the Korean conglomerate unveiled curved wearables , TVs and even a smartphone, the Galaxy Round . (Rival LG has two too .) Here, the Edge — first released in November 2014 — furthers the curved campaign with a subtly arched “second screen” that’s devoted to productivity.

When was NOTE edge released?

3 September 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Galaxy Note Edge, showing its curved bezel.
First released 3 September 2014
Predecessor Samsung Galaxy Round
Successor Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
Related Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

How much is a edge note?

AP Samsung’s newest curved-screen smartphone, the Galaxy Note Edge, will cost $946 without a contract when it launches next week, the company announced Monday. It’ll cost $400 with a contract from AT, and other carriers will offer various deals too.

Is Samsung notes going away?

Samsung has reportedly discontinued the Galaxy Note series of phones. We explain the reasons behind it. The original Samsung Galaxy Note started the trend of big phones. Over the years, Samsung developed the lineup to include bigger screens and made the bundled S Pen even more useful.

Is Galaxy Note Edge waterproof?

It also has the Note 4’s fingerprint ID sensor, heart sensor and of course the increasingly fine S-Pen, which tucks itself away in the same slot on the side. Still not waterproof though, which is becoming a bit of a let-down on expensive high-end phones.

Is Samsung Note Edge waterproof?