Is the movie Quarantine based on a true story?


Is the movie Quarantine based on a true story?

Quarantine is the story of Angela Vidal (Carpenter), ace reporter, saddled with telling the riveting, true story of a random LA fire department, and YOU are along for the ride of your life through the POV of the cameraman.

Which is better REC vs Quarantine?

A small difference between the films is the pacing. [REC] seemed to have a faster pace than Quarantine because [REC] focused less on the characters than Quarantine did. However, both movies had a great flow to them so it didn’t really matter. Minor differences in the films also included the residents.

Does Quarantine have a sequel?

Quarantine 2: TerminalQuarantine / Sequel

Is REC and Quarantine the same movie?

In regards to plot, both films are exactly the same; ‘Quarantine’ is almost a shot-for-shot remake of ‘REC’. But several minor changes, including those to its main character, demonstrates the narrow-mindedness of American horror, and a lack of understanding what made ‘REC’ a cult hit.

What happened at the end of Quarantine movie?

Mrs. Espinoza, who survived the earlier shooting, then attacks. She is finally killed by Jake with a sledgehammer. They rush downstairs only to find everyone else running upstairs in fear, for they find the infected have broken through the shutter.

Is there a movie called Quarantine?

Quarantine 2: Terminal2011

Is there a Quarantine 3 movie?

Quarantine 3: Genesis is an 2015 horror film following Quarantine and Quarantine 2: Terminal and a remake of REC 3: Genesis and stars Jennifer Carpenter as Angela Vidal, the main antagonist.

What caused the virus in Quarantine movie?

The pair are forced upstairs to the attic apartment by the infected, where they find lab equipment and newspaper clippings belonging to a former tenant, who was a member of a doomsday cult that broke into a military’s biological facility and stole a chemical weapon called the “Armageddon Virus.” The virus is a mutated …

Who survives Quarantine movie?

After Jake and Scott break Sadie’s neck, the group reaches Yuri’s apartment and find his key ring. Jake is bitten by Yuri, leaving Angela and Scott as the only survivors. Rather than making their way to the basement, they are forced upstairs to the attic apartment by Danny and the remaining infected.

Is Quarantine a ripoff of REC?

Quarantine is a 2008 American found footage horror film directed and co-written by John Erick Dowdle, produced by Sergio Aguero, Doug Davison, and Roy Lee, and co-written by Drew Dowdle, being a remake of the Spanish film REC.

Is Quarantine a shot for shot remake of REC?