Is South Plains Electric Coop a part of ERCOT?


Is South Plains Electric Coop a part of ERCOT?

South Plains Electric Co-op (SPEC) has customers in two separate electric grids, the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) and ERCOT.

Does Texas have electric cooperatives?

Texas Electric Cooperatives represents the interests of 76 electric cooperatives with more than 3 million members throughout the state. TEC serves its members by providing products and services that help sustain cooperative businesses in the 21st century.

Who is the largest electric cooperative in Texas?

The cooperative, the nation’s largest distribution electric cooperative, is owned by more than 300,000 cooperative members in Central Texas and serves an area of 8,100 square miles (21,000 km2)….Pedernales Electric Cooperative.

PEC building in Junction, Texas
Abbreviation PEC

Who regulates Texas electric coops?

the Public Utility Commission (PUC)
If you have questions or concerns about a private electricity provider, you can contact the Public Utility Commission (PUC). The PUC oversees electric companies and may be able to assist you.

Are Texas electric companies privately owned?

Texas Power is a retail electricity provider (REP) serving all deregulated electricity areas in Texas. They are located in Arlington, Texas….Texas Power.

Type Privately Owned
Parent Tristar Producer Services, Inc.

What is a Texas co op?

As of January 1, 2002, municipally-owned electric utilities (“munis”) and electric cooperatives (“co-ops”) have the right to choose whether to participate in Texas’ retail electric market. Co-op customers are member-owners who elect the board of directors at yearly membership meetings.

Where does Pedernales electric Coop get its electricity?

PEC uses power from different sources to help conserve energy. Eighty percent of their power is generated from the Lower Colorado River Authority by using coal, gas, wind and hydro power.

Who regulates electric cooperatives in Texas?

How many co-ops are there in the US?

29,000 cooperatives
29,000 cooperatives operate in every sector of the U.S. economy. 1 billion people are members of cooperatives worldwide. 1 in 3 Americans are co-op members holding 350 million co-op memberships worldwide.

How many co ops are in Texas?

Today, Texas has 75 electric cooperatives. They provide service to nearly 3 million member-consumers in 241 of the state’s 254 counties.