Is Snape and Draco related?


Is Snape and Draco related?

Again we have a connection between Snape and the Malfoy family. Draco expresses his certainty that Snape will have his father’s vote, meaning that Lucius is aware of Snape’s talents and believes that Snape would do well as headmaster.

What is Snape helping Draco with?

When Draco could not bring it in his heart to kill Dumbledore despite having the opportunity with the latter cornered and wandless, Snape fulfilled the vow with Narcissa to kill Dumbledore himself, simultaneously fulfilling his promise to Dumbledore of a mercy kill, sparing Draco of having to do so under duress.

Is Draco Harry’s rival?

Though they are bitter rivals, Harry and Draco have some things in common. One is their love for the sport of Quidditch. They even play the same position for their respective House teams.

Did Draco and Snape close?

For me, Malfoy-Snape friendship looks very genuine. Malfoy accepted Snape despite knowing that he was a penniless half blood(his looks and name screamed it) and Snape often put in word for Malfoys with Voldemort when Lucius’ influence diminished and Snape became his right hand man.

Was Snape’s dad a Muggle?

Snape was born to Eileen Prince, a witch, and Tobias Snape, a Muggle, making him a half-blood (hence the name, “Half-Blood Prince”). This is rare for a Death Eater, as remarked in the last book, though Voldemort himself also had a Muggle father.

Is Snape pureblood?

Snape was a half-blood. With people like Bellatrix in his house, he had to have heard the purity of his blood questioned at least a few times. His fellow Slytherins did not step up to his defense when he was attacked by two purebloods.

Is Snape related to Bellatrix?

Bellatrix attended Hogwarts with Rodolphus Lestrange and were part of a gang of other Slytherin students which also included Lucius Malfoy, Evan Rosier, and Severus Snape, all of whom became Death Eaters. She later married him in order to make a “respectable pure-blood marriage”, as it was expected of her.

Why was Draco allowed at Hogwarts?

However, his mother did not like the idea of Draco going to school far away, and Draco had expressed interest in Hogwarts after being impressed by his encounter with Merula. Thus they sent him to Hogwarts.

Was Snape’s dad abusive?

He married the pure-blood witch Eileen Prince. He abused her mentally and emotionally, as Harry Potter saw in Severus Snape’s memories during an Occlumency lesson. It could be surmised that he was physically abusive as well.