Is Ricken in Fire Emblem Heroes?


Is Ricken in Fire Emblem Heroes?

Ricken’s voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal, also voices Marth in Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., Fire Emblem Fates, Fire Emblem Heroes and Fire Emblem Warriors, Kiragi and one of the male Corrin voices in Fates, as well as Eliwood and Merric in Heroes.

How old is Lucina in awakening?

TLDR: 17 as playable as an absolute lowball. Ok, as a basic idea you could try to determine Lucy’s age just by basic information stated in game. This at its simplest (2 year gap + 10 years hence) gives us the crazy lowball answer of 12.

Can Lucina be a tactician?

As the child of Robin, they are gifted with the ability to change into all gender permitting classes. Their true starting class is the base class of their non-Robin parent, unless their other parent is Chrom, Olivia, Walhart, or Lucina, in which they become a default Tactician.

How old is Ricken Fe?

I heard Ricken was 17, but he looks like 14 or something. Donny looks like 15-16. Also I find it hard to believe Lucy is like 10-12…she said she comes from over 10 years in the future, but she might as well say almost 20 years, because she looks close to that age. It’s stated in-game that Emmeryn is 24-25.

Are Robin and Lucina related?

This ship has also a family variante where female Robin is Lucina’s mother. This happen in the game if a female Robin marry Chrom. Many fanarts depict Robin with Lucina alongside Chrom and Morgan as a family. Some fanfictions and fanarts show Lucina having to fight her mother possessed by Grima.

Who is Morgan Mother?

Morgan’s Mother was the first wife of Uther Pendragon, mother of Morgan Pendragon, and former Queen of Castle Pendragon. Uther killed her in order to marry Igraine after having fathered a son with her against her will.

How old is fir Fe?

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Gender Female
Race Human
Age Teens
Family Bartre (father) Karla (mother) Karel (uncle)
Nationality Sacaen