Is Parokya ni Edgar OPM?


Is Parokya ni Edgar OPM?

Parokya Ni Edgar won their “Best New Artists Award Winner in the 3rd NU 107 Rock Awards in 1996, the same year, they’re performed in an awards night since their become an amateur OPM Rock Band in pinoy rock history, years later, PNE won 8 times overall in the NU Rock awards until 2003.

Is Vinci still part of Parokya ni Edgar?

Francis Vincent “Vinci” R. Montaner (born November 27, 1976) is a Filipino singer best known for his work with the band Parokya ni Edgar where he served as a backup vocalist and one of its founding members. He left Parokya ni Edgar in late 2012 after a near 20-year stint with the band but returned in late 2016.

Is Pia Miranda daughter of Chito Miranda?

Chito Miranda, Neri Naig introduce daughter. There’s a new addition to the growing family of celebrity couple Chito Miranda and Neri Naig. On Instagram, the Parokya ni Edgar frontman revealed that they are adopting Neri’s niece, Pia.