Is Lake Marble Falls connected to Lake LBJ?


Is Lake Marble Falls connected to Lake LBJ?

Lake Marble Falls, another small but popular lake, has its own personality. Fed by Lake LBJ and Backbone Creek, the lake is lined with stunning cliffs and beautiful parks and walkways. The US 281 bridge connects the south part of the city to its older, more established northern section.

Where can I go fishing in Marble Falls?

Once you obtain the proper permit, here’s our picks from a plethora of perfect spots to cast your luck in Marble Falls near Gregg Ranch.

  • Lake Marble Falls.
  • Lake LBJ.
  • Lake Travis.
  • Inks Lake State Park.
  • Lake Buchanan.

Is Lake LBJ open to the public?

Public Access Facilities There are two main public ramps on the lake. In addition, there are several small public ramps in the town of Granite Shoals.

What fish are in Lake Marble Falls?

Lake Marble Falls contains moderate density largemouth bass and channel catfish populations. The reservoir also has low density white crappie, blue and flathead catfish populations. There have been reports of catches of white bass in the upper end of the lake below Wirtz Dam (Lake LBJ Dam) during the spring months.

Are there alligators in Lake Lyndon B Johnson?

Yes, there are rare sightings of gators in Lake LBJ. Lake LBJ is part of the Texas Highland Lakes System managed by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA).

What river through Marble Falls?

the Colorado River
Lake Marble Falls (also known as Max Starcke Dam) is located near town of Marble Falls in Burnet County, on the Colorado River.

What kind of fish are in Lake LBJ?

White bass
Largemouth bassSmallmouth bassChannel catfishFlathead catfish
Lake Lyndon B. Johnson/Fish

Can you swim in Lake Marble Falls?

Lakeside Park on Lake Marble Falls offers swimming access to the lake as well as several splash pools perfect for young children. The park has a beautiful green lawn and a sandy beach lake entrance.

What is the deepest part of Lake LBJ?

90′Lake Lyndon B. Johnson / Max depth

Does Marble Falls have a waterfall?

Well, actually, Marble Falls does have falls — at the bottom of the lake. In fact, those falls are what caught the attention of early settlers.

Is Lake LBJ safe to swim in?

Individuals should avoid swimming during times of high temperature and low water levels. Avoid swimming or jumping into bodies of warm fresh water and warm shallow water. Avoid swimming in thermally polluted water (around power plants)

Can you swim in Lake Lyndon B Johnson?

Lake LBJ is very popular and can get crowded with boats and jet skis, particularly up the Colorado River, so be careful. There are a few coves and one sandy beach for anchoring, swimming, and rafting up. Lake LBJ offers plenty of rental properties, a few RV parks, and some hotels.