Is it weird to wear high top shoes with shorts?


Is it weird to wear high top shoes with shorts?

In general, thin high tops pair well with dressier shorts. Thicker high tops pair well with sportier looks such as basketball shorts.

Can you wear shorts with high-tops?

High-tops and work out shorts also make for a strong, if slightly bolder look. Keep your ensemble monochrome, matching the shorts with a grey tee and a pair of black canvas high-tops for maximum impact.

What pants do you wear with Nike high-tops?

Wearing High Tops. Wear skinny jeans with high tops. This is a great look and very contemporary – and it works for both men and women, since skinny jeans are popular for both! Be smart in pairing your skinny jeans or other skinny pants or tights with sneakers.

Can I wear Jordans with shorts?

Jordans are popular form of casual wear. The low or high top versions of Jordans can be worn with jeans or shorts, and even casual skirts or dresses.

Do air forces go with shorts?

Lows are a go-to in summer to wear with shorts, but Mids or Highs can easily be substituted in for any casual situation if coupled with a good pair of basketball shorts.

Can you wear high tops with skinny jeans?

Wearing Skinny Jeans with High Tops A must-have staple for most women, skinny jeans pair up perfectly with the high tops. Skinny jeans in black or blue color can be worn with a printed t-shirt, a cropped top, an off shoulder top, or a casual button up shirt for an elegant style.

Can you wear high tops in the summer?

Pair a summer dress with high-tops for a more casual look. Basketball-inspired shoes add another level of cool to your look. Bright white shoes will go with anything you wear. These sneakers are no fuss with any outfit.

Can you wear high top Chucks with shorts?

The key to making Converse sneakers work with shorts is to keep the look totally casual. Choose between denim and chino shorts in simple styles and block colors to get your look started. If you’re wearing high top sneakers, be sure that your shorts sit above your knee to keep the look balanced.