Is it possible to achieve moral perfection?


Is it possible to achieve moral perfection?

No one has the same goals and needs as others might do, you are the one who knows what you need to achieve moral perfection. So the answer to the question is yes, we all can achieve moral perfection, but you do not need the 13 virtues to do so. You are the one that determines your life not Ben Franklin.

Are lightning rods used today?

Modern Lightning Rods Lightning rods are not a thing of the past, and there are many installed on homes across the country. In fact, proper lightning protection systems have multiple lightning rods spread out across the top of the structure.

Why does Franklin organize the virtues in this way?

How does Franklin plan to acquire the virtues? Franklin plans to acquire them through making them into habits and fix his attention on one at a time. He organized them in such a way that making a habit of one virtue would lead to making habit of the next.

Why does Franklin begin his program with temperance cite and explain evidence from the text in your answer?

Explanation: Benjamin Franklin has put together his own list or program of 13 virtues that anyone should achieve. Namely, temperance develops the self-discipline that is required to attain all other virtues, that is, self-discipline is necessary to uphold the other 12 virtues.

Why is it surprising that the virtue of order gives him the most trouble?

Order gave him the most trouble because of the type of business he does. How is the speckled axe a symbol for accepting one’s faults? It represents that he wasnt willing to work hard enough to get rid of all his faults.

How much time has Franklin allotted to each virtue?

one week

What caused Franklin to begin his moral perfection with the virtue of temperance?

What caused Franklin to begin his moral perfection with the virtue Temperance? He reasoned that he must be clearheaded before proceeding to the next virtue. He could see that when he focused on one virtue, he did not do as well with the others.

What was Benjamin Franklin’s philosophy of life?

Of the American Founders, Franklin had an unrivaled understanding of the individual human soul. At the heart of his political vision is a view of democratic citizenship, a rich understanding of the qualities of the heart and mind necessary to support liberty and sustain happiness.

Who invented lightning?

Benjamin Franklin

Did Franklin consider his moral improvement plan successful?

Franklin believed in thirteen virtues that he believed where necessary and desirable. Did Franklin believe his moral improvement plan was successful? Yes, because he followed his moral plan all of his life suggest that he thought it to be very successful.