Is Foxit PDF free?


Is Foxit PDF free?

Is it free? FoxIt Reader is free. Other FoxIt software, including other PDF software, may be free or paid, depending on the software in question.

How do I open an unsupported PDF?

Can’t open PDF in your browser

  1. Right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac OS) the link to the PDF file.
  2. Choose the appropriate save or download option for your browser:
  3. Make sure Adobe Acrobat Document is selected for the file type, and save the file.
  4. Locate the saved PDF, and double-click the file to open it.

Is Foxit PhantomPDF online free?

To show you the power of all the PDF conversion tools in PhantomPDF, we offer a set of online PDF services for free! To convert your PDF to Microsoft Word, drag and drop your PDF file onto the PDF to Word converter.

Is Foxit better than adobe?

Foxit PhantomPDF and Adobe Acrobat can create PDFs from multiple different file types, includingn Word, Excel, PPT and more. When it comes to creation of PDFs from scanned documents, Foxit PhantomPDF takes the lead since it can perform a higher compression compared to Adobe Acrobat.

Is Foxit any good?

Foxit Reader Ratings “It is a good must have alternative to adobe pdf reader. The ability to comment and pin files is extremely useful, I would recommend this as an everyday pdf reader.” “Foxit Reader is a great PDF reader and great for reviewing important documents and giving feedback.”

What happened to Foxit?

The software has been renamed from Foxit PhantomPDF to Foxit PDF Editor.

How do I repair Adobe?

Repair Reader or Acrobat

  1. (Reader) Choose Help > Repair Adobe Reader Installation.
  2. (Acrobat) Choose Help > Repair Acrobat Installation.