Is ens an IB school?


Is ens an IB school?

ENS as an IB World School recognizes the essential role that education prepares students for life and has adopted the IB learner profile through all grade levels to promote teaching and learning rich in core academic and co-curricular activities.

How many grades are there in school UAE?

UAE Schooling Levels

Kindergarten KG 1 and KG 2 4–5 years old
Primary School Grade 1–6 6–11 years old
Preparatory Stage Grade 7–9 12–14 years old
Secondary School Grade 9–12 15–17 years old

What is the most famous school in UAE?

The country’s best schools and teachers have been recognised through UAE-wide awards announced on Monday. At the Top Schools Awards 2021, American School of Dubai was named the overall best school in the country while Zara Harrington at Safa British School was named best principal.

Who is the owner of Emirates National School?

the Ministry of Presidential Affairs
ENS was established by a Presidential Decree and is owned by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs. ENS currently consists of five campuses. Three of the campuses are located in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Al Ain City, and Abu Dhabi City.

What curriculum is Emirates National School?

the IB Curriculum
ENS follows the IB Curriculum and are based upon the educational standards of the International IB Curriculum and the UAE Ministry of Education. The schools boasts world class PE, Drama, Computers and Art facilities.

What is the IB curriculum?

IB programmes offer students access to a broad and balanced range of academic studies and learning experiences. They promote conceptual learning, focusing on powerful organizing ideas that are relevant across subject areas, and that help to integrate learning and add coherence to the curriculum.

Which is the No 1 school in Sharjah?

DPS Sharjah, or more officially Delhi Private School, Sharjah is regarded as one of the best Indian curriculum schools in the UAE, and is a branch of one of the best Indian schools in India itself – Delhi Public School, New Delhi.