Is curly maple wood expensive?


Is curly maple wood expensive?

Prices can range from just slightly more expensive than regular maple for lower grades of curly maple, to many, many times higher for prices of the highest grades. However, curly maple tends to be one of the most economical hardwoods when compared to other figured woods.

How much is a board foot of curly maple?

Shipping Additional

< 10 10 – 99
4/4 Curly Hard Maple (1 Com & Btr, Sap & Better) $11.00 $9.90
Curly Soft Maple
4/4 Curly Soft Maple (1 Com & Btr, Sap & Better) $7.00 $6.30

Where can I find curly maple?

If you know where one is terrific. If not, they are found across the northeastern states, into the mid-Atlantic States and over to the center of the U.S. They are the source of maple syrup. Curly maple is prevalent in Pennsylvania.

What type of wood is curly maple?

Curly Maple is Maple wood with a unique wavy or curly pattern in the grain. The ripples in the grain pattern create a three dimensional effect that looks like the wood has curled along the length of the board. The pattern is most noticeable after a finish is applied.

Are curly maple and tiger maple the same?

Tiger and Curly Maple are terms used to describe the figure present in Maple. There are two main types of Maple that have the figure, Curly Hard Maple and Curly Soft Maple. The term Tiger Maple is most often given to Curly Soft Maple because the curly stripe in it resembles the stripe of a tiger.

What is curly maple good for?

Prized for its beautiful appearance, curly maple is frequently used in the manufacturing of musical instruments, such as violins (hence the term fiddle back) and guitars.

Is curly maple quarter sawn?

Most curly maple that is commercially cut is flat-sawn to get the most yield from the log, as quarter-sawing does waste some. From contributor L: I agree that flat sawn is the most common way of processing curly maple.

Is curly maple hard maple?

Curly Hard Maple is traditional hard maple (sugar maple, rock maple) with curly figure. The hard maple is the state tree of Wisconsin, Vermont, New York and West Virginia.

How strong is curly maple?

Curly Hard Maple Avg Dry Wgt (?): 45 lbs/ft3 (720 kg/m3) | Janka Hardness (?): 1450lbf (6450 N) | Specific Gravity (?): 0.72.

Is curly maple hard or Soft Maple?

Curly Soft Maple is creamy white and has a wavy, or “curly” grain. It is a bit less lustrous than Hard Maple and growth rings are comparatively indistinct. Rays are narrower than in Hard Maple.