Is Bluewater shut now?


Is Bluewater shut now?

Our stores are open until 9pm Monday – Saturday, there are over 50 places to eat and Showcase Cinema de Lux is open until 3am Friday and Saturday so you can make a night of it at Bluewater.

Why is Bluewater Open in Tier 3?

It was announced last week Kent and Medway will be under Tier 3 restrictions as a result of high coronavirus transmission rates in many areas of the county. But as non-essential shops will be allowed to reopen in Tier 3 areas on December 2, Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent will be allowed to open to the public.

What time does Bluewater Beach Open?

11am to 9pm
The Beach at Bluewater is Kent’s number 1 attraction this Summer – we’re open every day from the 17th July to the 5th September from 11am to 9pm (weather dependent).

Do you have to wear a mask in Bluewater?

“Visitors will be required to wear face covering in shops, and are strongly encouraged to wear one in all public places. “We have an established security and Kent Police team based at Bluewater as well as ‘social distancing champions’ to assist our guests.”

Is Bluewater Tier 4 Open?

Kent entering Tier 4 coronavirus restrictions has forced all ‘non-essential’ shops to close at Bluewater. Non-essential shops have joined restaurants and cafes in not being allowed to welcome members of the public.