Is Ayling injured?


Is Ayling injured?

Relaying news via Marcelo Bielsa’s pre-match press conference, Hay confirmed that Ayling, along with teammate Patrick Bamford, will be missing from the squad to face Spurs.

Who is poppy Weller?

POPPY WELLER The glamorous blonde plays the role of supportive Wag by regularly retweeting club news about the former Arsenal trainee. And when the pair enjoy all the trappings of football fame – dining out at swanky restaurants in Leeds city centre.

Does Luke Ayling have kids?

Ayling has one daughter, Maisie, who was born in March 2017.

Where is Ayling?

Leeds United#2 / Defender
Leeds United under-23Defender
Luke Ayling/Current teams

What age is Luke Ayling?

30 years (August 25, 1991)Luke Ayling / Age

How old is Patrick Bamford?

28 years (September 5, 1993)Patrick Bamford / Age

How much does Luke Ayling earn?

Current Contract Luke Ayling signed a 4 year / £1,664,000 contract with the Leeds United F.C., including an annual average salary of £416,000. In 2021, Ayling will earn a base salary of £416,000, while carrying a cap hit of £416,000.

How many goals has Ayling for Leeds?

Premier League Record

Appearances 56
Goals 1
Assists 2
Clean sheets 11

How long is Lukaku injured?

four weeks
It was previously reported that Lukaku was set to miss up to four weeks of the season after twisting his ankle against Malmo weeks ago, and a return looks likely following the November international break.

What injury does Luke Ayling have?

Knee Injury
Luke Ayling

Season Injury Games missed
21/22 Knee Injury 11
18/19 Medial Collateral Ligament Knee Injury 9
17/18 Ankle Surgery 21

Who is Ashleigh Behan?

Ashleigh Behan, girlfriend of England and Leeds United star Kalvin Phillips, has told of how she cried when she heard Kalvin made the England team. Ashleigh Behan has revealed her reaction after hearing her boyfriend had made the England squad.

How much do Leeds players get paid?

2021 Active Roster

Player (25) Pos. Annual Salary
Luke Ayling D £416,000
Stuart Dallas M £416,000
Mateusz Klich M £403,000
Pascal Struijk D £371,800