Is AXA Wealth now Phoenix Wealth?


Is AXA Wealth now Phoenix Wealth?

Welcome to Phoenix Wealth Phoenix Wealth is part of Phoenix Group, created to bring you a strong combination of: the heritage developed by AXA Wealth in the adviser life and pensions market. the exclusive focus on the UK life and pensions market and scale brought by Phoenix Group.

Who bought AXA Wealth?

Phoenix Group
Phoenix Group, the UK’s largest consolidator of closed life and pension funds, acquired AXA Wealth’s non-platform investment and pension business in 2016. As part of this acquisition, the AXA Wealth business will be rebranded to Phoenix Wealth, with the change scheduled to take place on 1 July 2017.

Is Phoenix life the same as Phoenix Wealth?

‘Phoenix Wealth’ (comprising of the companies Phoenix Wealth Holdings Limited, Phoenix Wealth Services Limited, Phoenix Life Limited, Phoenix Wealth Trustee Services Limited and Phoenix SL Direct Limited) has been acquired by Pearl Life Holdings Limited (and now forms part of Phoenix Group –

Who took over Winterthur pensions?

AXA acquires Winterthur Life for £5.9bn.

Who took over Axa pensions?

AXA. AXA is now administered by Aviva.

Who now owns AXA Sun Life?

insurer Phoenix Group
In 2016, Axa sold its UK investment, pensions and insurance businesses, including SunLife, to UK insurer Phoenix Group in a £375 million deal.

Who did Phoenix Life take over?

In December 2006, we transferred the life assurance business of six companies into Phoenix Life Limited. The companies were Alba Life Limited, Britannic Assurance plc, Britannic Retirement Solutions Limited, Britannic Unit Linked Assurance Limited, Century Life plc and Phoenix Life & Pensions Limited.

How do I contact Pearl Assurance?

Please see the ‘When contacting us’ section below to find out what information we require to help us trace a policy.

  1. ex-Britannic Assurance: Telephone: 0345 305 5552.
  2. ex-Pearl Assurance: Telephone: 0345 880 0088.
  3. ex-Swiss Life: Telephone: 0800 026 2830.

What happened to Axa pensions?

AXA is now administered by Aviva.

How do I trace old pensions?

The Pension Tracing Service is a free government service. It searches a database of more than 200,000 workplace and personal pension schemes to try to find the contact details you need. You can phone the Pension Tracing Service on 0800 731 0193 or use the link below to search their online directory for contact details.

Is AXA part of Sun Life?

In May 2000, Axa acquired all shares it did not already own in the company. The business was renamed Axa Sun Life Direct, and then Sun Life Direct in 2009. Axa sold its main life assurance business to Resolution Group in 2010 and continued to sell life insurance products through Sun Life Direct.