Is a gas or electric hot tub better?


Is a gas or electric hot tub better?

Fast Heating: Gas heaters are the clear winners when it comes to the speed of heating. A gas spa heater can add 1-2° per minute, whereas an electric heater may take an hour to add a few degrees. This lets you keep the spa at a lower resting temp, and heat it up quickly as needed.

Is it cheaper to heat with gas or electric?

Electrical heat will typically cost less upfront than a natural gas furnace. However, it may cost more in the long run to operate an electrical furnace. On average, natural gas is cheaper than electricity, so a gas furnace will save money on your bills.

Does a hot tub waste a lot of electricity?

You can therefore estimate that a hot tub with a 120-volt heater will consume 3,000 watts while in use, and one with a larger heater will consume 7,500 watts. These wattages translate into 3 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and 7.5 kWh, respectively.

What hot tub is most energy efficient?

Hydropool hot tubs are engineered to be the most energy efficient swim spa in the world, providing 100˚F / 37˚C for pennies a day.

Can you run a hot tub off natural gas?

The natural gas hot tubs are common with portable hot tubs, free-standing wooden hot tubs, and in-ground hot tubs. You can choose to run them by the natural gas heater at any time because it is always a viable option.

How long does it take to heat a spa with a gas heater?

Most spa owners expect their heater to take no more than 15 to 30 minutes to heat their spa to 102°F.

Can you heat a hot tub with a heat pump?

External Heat & Cool Pump These air sourced heat pumps are the most energy efficient and cost-effective way to heat your spa. The heat pump will override your spas built in conventional electric element and draw up to 75% less energy. Heat pumps also use 55% less energy than natural gas.

How much electricity does a hot tub use?

Yes! Hot tubs run on an electrical supply. They usually need between 13 and 40 AMPS of power to run. The electricity powers the heater, pumps, lights and all the other working components on the hot tub.