Is 2013 Mercedes Benz A good car?


Is 2013 Mercedes Benz A good car?

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class ranks near the top of the luxury midsize car class because of its outstanding safety and reliability ratings, upscale interior, and lineup of powerful engine options.

Is Mercedes B-Class 2014 a good car?

On the road the Mercedes B-Class is not particularly bad, but doesn’t shine in any way either – you’d more from a Mercedes. Although the ride is fine on most surfaces, really bad ones can make the car bounce around.

Is Mercedes B 250 a good car?

It’s a great little ride with big intentions inside, delivering just enough premium dazzle with its expected Mercedes quality, plus plenty of comfort, loads of luxury features, and fun-loving performance, resulting in one of the best small cars in the luxury class, and even with its price hike, one of the best small …

Is Mercedes B-Class Electric a good car?

Like every other car of its type that we have driven, the B-Class Electric Drive enjoys superb torque for swift progress in the city. On the motorway, a well-insulated cabin gives a very relaxing driving experience in combination with the silent 179bhp powertrain.

Does a Mercedes B-Class have a Cambelt?

Running costs, maintenance and parts There are no expensive cambelt changes to worry about, as the B-Class engines use a timing chain designed to last the life of the vehicle.

Is the Mercedes B-Class comfortable?

Overall, the B Class is more comfortable than the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and roughly on a par with the Volkswagen Touran. But what about the handling, we hear you ask? Well, despite being relatively soft and supple, the B-Class does a fine job of controlling its top-heavy mass through tight twists and turns.

What engine is in the B-Class Mercedes?

The sole four-wheel-drive model is powered by the B220d diesel engine and offers useful extra grip.