How was the main conflict in Odyssey resolved?


How was the main conflict in Odyssey resolved?

But, because the suitors were natives of Ithaca the suitors relatives went to fight odysseus, but no death had happened in there fight, but the conflict is solved when Odysseus is told to stop or Zeus will get angry and will punish him, thus ending the story.

How is Melanthius killed?

Odysseus has Eurycleia come out. Odysseus tells Telemachus to cut them down with a sword, but Telemachus decides to hang them—a more disgraceful death. Last of all, the traitor Melanthius is tortured and killed.

Who are the phaeacians in the Odyssey?

The Phaeacians are a people in Greek mythology who live on the island of Scheria, sometimes spelled Scherie. They’re excellent mariners and skilled with all kinds of ocean activities – fishing, boatbuilding, navigating, you name it. They are instrumental in Odysseus’s return to Ithaca.

What is the setting in the Odyssey?

Much of the action in the Odyssey takes place on the sea, where Odysseus must battle against the storms of the sea god, Poseidon, but the last third of the story is set in the town and countryside of Ithaka. The setting is a geographical potpourri of what was important, mythologically, in Homer’s time period.

Which suitor does Odysseus kill first?


Who does Athena disguise herself as in Book 6?

princess Nausicaa

Who finds Odysseus on the beach?

Poseidon spots Odysseus, and raises sea-storms to shipwreck him. Book 6-8: Odysseus washes ashore among the Phaeacians. Princess Nausicaä finds him, and he is treated to a banquet, where he retells the story of how he came to this situation, filling in the details of his journey after he left King Menelaus.

What is the name of Odysseus dog?


What is the climax of death in the Great Hall?

Death of a Palace is the climax of The Odyssey. Odysseus is ready to claim his rightful kingdom, but must kill all the suitors. He first kills Antinous by shooting the arrow under he chin. Through out the story, Antinous has been the most malicious suitor in the entire story.

What is the resolution in Odyssey?

RESOLUTION: Odysseus and Telemachus aided by Zeus and Athena defeat the entire room full of suitors. Not a single man lives. Odysseus calls for the servants to get the death cleaned out of the room before a woman, Penelope in particular, has the chance to see the bloodbath that unfolded.

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What is the rising action of the Odyssey?

The rising action of the poem concerns Odysseus, who, after being freed from Calypso’s island by Athena, sets out for home, but is shipwrecked by Poseidon, still angry that Odysseus blinded his son the Cyclops.

What are the three major plot strands of the Odyssey?

The three main story strands then of the ODYSSEY are: one, the final stage of Odysseus’s journey; two, Penelope and the pestering suitors; and three, Telemachus’s search for his father.

What form does Athena take?


Why is Athena in disguise?

In the lore of ancient Greece, it was believed that anyone who looked upon the true form of a god or goddess would die because the sight would be too overwhelming to handle. That is one reason Athena disguises herself: she really likes Odysseus and Telemachus, so she does not want to kill them.

Who does Athena disguise as?