How tall is Carlos Torres from the Queen of flow?


How tall is Carlos Torres from the Queen of flow?

6′ 0″Carlos Torres / Height

How old is Carlos to all for love?

33 years (September 20, 1988)Carlos Torres / Age

How old is Charlie flow?

The 24-year-old actor who plays Carlos “Charly Flow” Cruz Martínez as a young man is single, but he also maintains a great relationship with the actress Mariana Gómez and it is believed that there is something between them.

Where does queen of flow take place?

Medellin, Colombia

The Queen of Flow
Production locations Medellin, Colombia New York, United States
Editor Gerson Aguilar
Camera setup Multi-camera
Production companies Sony Pictures Television Teleset Caracol Televisión

How tall is Colombian Carlos Torres?

Who plays Joaquin Herrera in all for love?

Carlos Torres
Plot. Irene (Ana María Estupiñán), the leading voice of the Los Milagrosos group in the market place, meets the mechanic Joaquín (Carlos Torres) when he arrives in the city with just what he is wearing.

Who is Charly flow real wife?

Charly Flow (Carlos Torres) is a famous and rich reggaeton singer. Yeimy’s lyrics and music made him very successful. He is married to Gema (Mabel Moreno) and they have a daughter, Vanesa.

Who really sings for Charly flow?

The artists behind the famous themes are Alejo Valencia and Guita, who have extensive experience in Colombia. Likewise, Erick does not sing either and instead the voice that stands out is that of David botero.

Who does Yeimy end up with?

Although so far it seemed that Yeimy chose Juan Camilo, their last conversation revealed that despite the affection that she feels for the man who loved her for more than twenty years and what they lived together, it is not with whom the singer wanted to return to try it.