How set multiple route in MVC?


How set multiple route in MVC?

Multiple Routes You can also configure a custom route using the MapRoute extension method. You need to provide at least two parameters in MapRoute, route name, and URL pattern. The Defaults parameter is optional. You can register multiple custom routes with different names.

How do I pass multiple parameters to Web API controller methods?

Step1: Create a Blank Solution called WebAPI-Multiple-Objects as shown below. Add a new class library project (Model) into it and create two classes named Product, Supplier. Now, on the API controller side, you will get your complex types as shown below.

How hide parameter value in URL in MVC?

Yes,you can hide parameters……………

  1. you have to write one method to get this parameters. public ActionResult GetId(int id=0) {
  2. Now use this parameters in your UserDetails method. public ActionResult UserDetails() {
  3. And Instead of calling UserDetails method in your Index View,Call GetId. Permalink.

How pass multiple parameters to a method in asp net core?

You have multiple options for passing multiple parameters to a GET method: FromRouteAttribute, FromQuery and Model Binding….It gets the data from various sources in the form of key-value pairs from the following sources:

  1. Form fields.
  2. Request body.
  3. Route data parameters.
  4. Query string parameters.
  5. Uploaded files.

Can we use multiple routes in MVC?

1 Answer. It will not work because both routes have the same format. So the MVC Routing Engine cannot differentiate between both the url patterns.

What is Route in MVC What is default route in MVC?

The default route table contains a single route (named Default). The Default route maps the first segment of a URL to a controller name, the second segment of a URL to a controller action, and the third segment to a parameter named id.

How can we pass multiple values from controller view in MVC?

Here I will explain ways one by one.

  1. Using Dynamic Model. ExpandoObject (the System.
  2. Using View Model. ViewModel is nothing but a single class that may have multiple models.
  3. Using ViewData. ViewData is used to transfer data from the controller to the view.
  4. Using ViewBag.
  5. Using Tuple.
  6. Using Render Action Method.

How can you pass multiple complex types in Web API?

Best way to pass multiple complex object to webapi services is by using tuple other than dynamic, json string, custom class. No need to serialize and deserialize passing object while using tuple. If you want to send more than seven complex object create internal tuple object for last tuple argument.

What is URL routing in ASP NET MVC?

Let’s first understand what is URL routing in mvc and how to generate URLs in mvc with an example. In mvc routing module is responsible for mapping incoming browser requests to particular mvc controller actions. Route – The route is just a URL pattern that is mapped to a handler.

How to create routes in MVC with MVC?

Following is the default route, which is provided by the MVC application. defaults: new { controller = “Home”, action = “Index”, id = UrlParameter.Optional }); For creating Routes, we need to provide (name, URL, object defaults parameters) routes: A collection of routes for the application. name: The name of the route to map.

What is an ASP NET MVC router?

Routing – The ASP.NET MVC routing is just a pattern matching system. In mvc application, whenever a user sends a request and if it is the first request, then the routing table will fill first.

How do I add a controller to a MVC project?

To add controller, right-click on the Controller folder inside that select Add and then select Controller as shown below. After selecting Controller, a new dialog will popup for asking the Controller name and other configuration details. Give Controller name as “HomeController” and in Template select Empty MVC Controller.