How much space do you need for a go-kart track?


How much space do you need for a go-kart track?

A 700-foot track can be built in an area of 140-feet by 220-feet or about 31,000-square feet or a little less than an acre (not counting any required setbacks). A 1,000-foot track needs about 45,000-square feet. 2.

What is the smallest go-kart?

A micro kart is a small, one passenger mini go-kart. These karts typically have two-stroke engines, ranging in size from 22.5 cc to 85 cc, and putting out anywhere from 1.2 hp to over 20 hp, or an electric motor with rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

What is the average length of a go-kart track?

around 1,100 – 1,200 meters
The average length for a serious racing track for karts is around 1,100 – 1,200 meters, 7 to 9 meters in width. Normally custom-built for karting, they resemble road courses, with left and right turns.

What size is a junior go-kart?

Kid Kart chassis are small in stature, roughly ‘1/2’ scale of a true full size kart chassis. These chassis are designed to fit smaller drivers, usually ages 5 to 8. Most Kid Kart chassis have a wheelbase between 700 and 850mm.

Can I build my own go-kart track?

Backyard kart, ATV and go-kart enthusiasts are finding it more possible these days to build their own backyard racetracks. If you have some land and some spare cash, all you need is the planning and drive to get the track built.

How much does it cost to build a small race track?

It typically costs about $100,000 per mile for two-lane pavement, but two lanes are not for the racetrack. It is reasonable to assume a cost of approximately $200,000 to build a four-lane track. Four lanes are critical, so drivers don’t go off track if they drift across lanes.

How much does it cost to build an indoor go-kart track?

It is usual for a track to be around 1,000 feet long, which relates to about an acre, or 45,000 square feet, of land. This amount of land use, and all the parts that come with putting a go kart track together, could cost around $70,000-$80,000, depending on property values in your area.

What is a slick track?

The “slick track” is powdered, meaning it goes faster than the regular track. It’s great for people who aren’t afraid of a little speed and drifting.

How much is a mini go-kart?

Racing go-karts that are designed for kids and youths are referred to as mini, kid and cadet karts. These go-karts are priced lower than the average go-kart, as they’re smaller in size and are also equipped with a smaller engine. Kid and youth racing go-karts cost about $2,000 to $3,000.