How much space do sticklebacks need?


How much space do sticklebacks need?

Sticklebacks don’t need a great deal of room, so any 60cm/24” area for a small group will work. If you happen to have a small internal canister filter floating around that’ll make a fine alternative to an external.

Can I keep sticklebacks with goldfish?

Avoid mixing native fish such as sticklebacks with more exotic types like goldfish and carp. Sticklebacks in particular are aggressive and territorial and will harass, damage and even kill bigger fish.

Do sticklebacks eat tadpoles UK?

A diminutive but aggressive predator, the three-spined stickleback hunts tadpoles and small fish. It is also known for fiercely protecting its nest of eggs until they hatch.

Where can I buy sticklebacks in the UK?

The three-spined stickleback is one of the most familiar fish of Britain’s freshwater streams and ponds. It may even be found in salty rock pools and sometimes just under the surface of the open sea. Those in salty water are much more silvery in colour than those living in freshwater.

How many sticklebacks are in a small pond?

Sticklebacks should always be kept in small groups with a ratio of 2 males to 5 females due to how fast they multiply. Characteristics: Flexible but very aggressive during breeding season; Well suited for small ponds.

Can I put sticklebacks in my pond?

If you fancy introducing fish, sticklebacks are a good choice for small ponds with their fascinating behaviour, but can effect insect and amphibian populations.

Can you put sticklebacks in a barrel pond?

A couple of Sticklebacks might be okay, but only if you’ve got somewhere reasonably shady – that volume of water is going to heat up in the summer, and they don’t like water above 20 degrees.

How do sticklebacks fish survive in ponds?

The estuarine variety has developed the 20 -30 bony plates on the body flanks as an adaptation to the salt. This allows them freedom to swim up saltmarsh creeks at high tide, out into seawater and back to freshwater without the problem of water concentrations.

Can sticklebacks live with frogs?

Fortunately, Sticklebacks are a native UK species and they shouldn’t be of any concern to the frogs. Normally, most frogs and toads should be quite capable of consuming newly-hatched Sticklebacks, given their diminuitive size.