How much rain has Newcastle had in the last 24 hours?


How much rain has Newcastle had in the last 24 hours?

Newcastle Past 24 hours

Past 24 hours
Time Temp Rainfall
07:00 22.7°C 5.4mm
08:00 22.4°C 5.4mm
09:00 20.5°C 6.6mm

Does it rain a lot in Newcastle NSW?

Rain falls throughout the year in Newcastle. The month with the most rain in Newcastle is February, with an average rainfall of 4.1 inches. The month with the least rain in Newcastle is August, with an average rainfall of 1.8 inches.

How much does it rain in Newcastle Australia?

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Statistics Jan Years
Mean rainfall (mm) 88.4 1862 2022
Decile 5 (median) rainfall (mm) 69.2 1862 2022
Mean number of days of rain ≥ 1 mm 8.1 1862 2022

What does 30 rain mean in Australia?

What does the percentage chance of rain mean? The percentage shows the likelihood of rainfall in that location during the period, which may be a full day or three hours. A 30% chance of rainfall also means a 70% chance of not receiving any rainfall at all.

What season is it in Newcastle Australia?

Australia’s seasons are at opposite times to those in the northern hemisphere. December to February is summer; March to May is autumn; June to August is winter; and September to November is spring.

How hot was yesterday in Newcastle?

Newcastle Weather History for the Previous 24 Hours

Conditions Comfort
Time Temp Humidity
3:00 pm 73 °F 85%
2:00 pm 73 °F 89%
12:00 pm 70 °F 93%

How much rain has Maitland had?

Maitland Rainfall Reports

date rain to 9am interval
mm hours
March 2022 Total 9.2 3 day(s)
March 1884-2022 Average Total 21.2 4.8 day(s)
March 1884-2022 Wettest Total 85.4 1981

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Newcastle?

The lowest recorded temperature in Newcastle upon Tyne is 17.6°F (-8°C), which was recorded in November.