How much is the Illawarra Grammar School?


How much is the Illawarra Grammar School?

Primary school fees at The Illawarra Grammar School

Grade/Year Fee
Prep $13,070
Grade 1 $14,460
Grade 2 $14,460
Grade 3 $15,700

Is TIGS a catholic school?

The Illawarra Grammar School, abbreviated as TIGS, is an independent Anglican comprehensive co-educational early learning, primary and secondary day school, located at Mangerton in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia.

Is TIGS a religious school?

The Illawarra Grammar School (TIGS) is a co-educational Anglican school, working in partnership with families to provide an exceptional education founded on Christian faith and values. Each student will personally experience the highest standard of teaching and learning to achieve the best academic outcomes.

Who started TIGS?

The Founding Vision The idea of an Anglican school in Wollongong began with two men who shared a vision for Christian education, Archdeacon (later Bishop) Gordon Begbie and Reverend Roy Gray.

Is TIGS a good school?

TIGS matched its 2017 placing to be ranked 149th in 2018. St Mary Star of the Sea College was the fourth-best Illawarra school in the 2018 HSC, ranked 157th in NSW. Shellharbour Anglican College was one of the region’s biggest improvers this year, jumping from 420 in 2017 to be ranked 273 in 2018.

How many Catholic schools are there in NSW?

In 2018 there were 550 Catholic systemic and 46 Catholic congregational schools. CSNSW is the approved authority for the distribution of federal and state government funding to the NSW Catholic school system.

Who is in charge of Catholic Schools NSW?

eleven diocesan Bishops of NSW
How does Catholic Schools NSW operate? CSNSW is a company whose members are the eleven diocesan Bishops of NSW. Each Bishop has responsibility for the CSA in his diocese. Collectively these systems are recognised by governments as the NSW Catholic schools system.

How many Catholic schools are in Sydney?

150 schools
Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) continues to be a thriving and growing contemporary educational community with over 150 schools, more than 71,000 current students, 10,000 staff and a large alumni community.

How many schools are there in NSW?

In 2020, there were 2,102 primary schools and 509 secondary schools in New South Wales. That same year, there were about 9,542 total schools (primary, secondary,combined and special schools) in Australia.