How much is a Titmus vision Screener?


How much is a Titmus vision Screener?

Ask us about the Titmus $300 buy-back program.

What does a Spot vision screener check for?

Spot is able to detect a variety of vision problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. It can also detect unequal vision power (anisometropia), eye misalignment (amblyopia), unequal pupil size (anisocoria), and eye structure problems.

What is VT1 vision screener?

The Depisteo VT1 is a user-friendly vision screener capable of performing a variety of examinations, including depth perception, acuity, night vision, and much more. It connects with virtually any EMR software, making it easy for you to transfer test results to your current system.

What optec 1000?

The Optec 1000P is a quick and easy way to screen for essentials. This vision screener offers a full range of tests including: Acuity, Color, and Muscle Balance also allowing to test peripheral vision on the horizontal plane. This model is suitable for driving schools and high-school driving programs.

What is Titmus vision test?

The Titmus vision screener is an instrument that is widely used in these situations, given its portability and ease of use 6, 7. It is a vision screening device with optically simulated distance and near vision settings and has built-in lighting for vision testing.

What is a Titmus machine?

The Titmus V4 is a portable vision tester which provides a comprehensive range of tests. Visual acuity (near, far and optional intermediate), depth perception, colour perception, phoria, and peripheral tests can all be completed in a very efficient and accurate manner.

How accurate is a Spot vision screener?

Results: The Spot Vision Screener was able to successfully evaluate 313 of 330 children (95%). The sensitivity of the Spot Vision Screener to detect American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus guidelines for amblyopia risk factors was 89.5% and the specificity was 76.7%.

How does the optec 1000 work?

The Optec 1000 Vision Tester obtains a more precise vision score by providing a test situation, which is equivalent to placing an applicant at one end of a room 26-feet in length, then reading a test target at the opposite end of the room.

What is the stereo fly test?

The Stereo Fly Tests provide an easily administered check of stereoscopic depth perception at any age level. Its purpose is to measure how minutely the two eyes can discern differences in the distances of objects from the observer. Other depth determinants such as size, overlapping, perspective, etc.

What are Allen cards?

The Allen Pre-School near point cards is a series of flash cards for testing near point visual acuity. Designed to test pre-school age children’s near-point visual acuity at reading distance.

What is Titmus vision Tester?

Titmus Vision Screeners are ergonomically designed, precision-built stereoscopic instruments, providing precise and prompt measurement of visual performance. The screeners are engineered for accuracy, validity and reliability with emphasis on convenience and ease of administration.