How much is a Breitling Aerospace watch worth?


How much is a Breitling Aerospace watch worth?

Prices at a Glance: Breitling Aerospace

Reference number Price (approx.) Case material, size, caliber
F65062 1,400 USD Titanium and yellow gold, 40 mm, B65 (quartz)
E56062 1,500 USD Titanium, 40 mm, B56 (quartz)
E65062 1,500 USD Titanium, 40 mm, B65 (quartz)
E79362 2,400 USD Titanium, 42 mm, B75 (SuperQuartz)

Do Breitling still make the aerospace?

The Swiss manufacturer Breitling first introduced the Aerospace chronograph wristwatch in 1985. At that time, it still belonged to the Navitimer collection, as indicated by the inscriptions on the dial and case back. Today, the Aerospace Evo (i.e., the latest generation) is part of the Professional series.

Is Breitling Aerospace waterproof?

The case of the new Breitling Aerospace Evo is larger in diameter than the original’s — 43 mm — and made of titanium, a metal used often in the world of aeronautics. It has a totally satin-brushed finish and is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet).

What is a Breitling Aerospace?

In 1985, Breitling launched the Aerospace, an innovative, multifunction chronograph equipped with state-of-the-art Swiss technology. Heir to this legendary model, the Aerospace Evo retains the same powerful, dynamic and technical style – combined with the latest electronic developments.

Is the Breitling Aerospace Evo a good watch?

The Aerospace EVO watch from Breitling is a strong step-up from previous models. Packed with various features, a durable and reliable movement; and a multifunction chronograph equipped with state-of-the-art Swiss technology, this timepiece is certainly a ‘go-to’ for any avid professional adventurer.

When was the Breitling Aerospace released?

In 1985, Breitling introduces the Aerospace. This innovative multi-function quartz chronograph is equipped with the latest generation of Swiss technology including a double display – analog and digital – and two LCD (liquid crystal display) screens.

What battery does a Breitling Aerospace take?

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Caliber Breitling 79
Battery type/life Approx. 3 to 4 years

Do Breitlings have batteries?

All Breitling Quartz movement watches rely on batteries for their power source. However, some of these batteries, such as in the Emergency II and Cockpit B50, are rechargeable. All batteries have a finite lifespan and will need replacing in the future. Automatic and hand wound Breitling movements do not need a battery.